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LOTR: WOTR is an old game with many technical quirks and problems. The community has found some ways to solve them and I am here to tell you.

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Can you play multiplayer matches online?
Not officially since the GameSpy feature stopped working for many years ago. But you can still play LAN games over the internet with VPNs (the type that makes a virtual LAN connection between you and your friends)

  • Personally, I have tried Hamachi, ZeroTier and Radmin VPN.
  • Radmin VPN is the only one that worked directly without some further network tweaks, and is fast.
  • Radmin VPN and ZeroTier supports many players in one server for free.
  • ZeroTier is a little complicated to setup, but very fast at least.
  • Hamachi only allows 5 players in one server for free.

Can you play this on Mac?
Maybe. You can try playing it on a virtual machine with Windows XP or higher. You'll need to setup DirectX support.

How to run the game as administrator?
Right-click the game, choose "Properties", and then check the box "Run as administrator", then click OK/Apply. Done. You can also right-click the game and choose "run as administrator".

I can't start the game, the game says the CD-key is missing.
Make sure you have ran the installer once on this Windows you are using. You might need to run the installer as administrator.

The game keeps saying CD-key is missing after I have ran the installer.
Run the game as administrator.

The game crashes with an error when I click on Good/Evil Campaign in main menu.
Run the game as administrator.

I can't save the game.
Run the game as administrator.

My settings reset every time I restart the game.
Run the game as administrator.

The game crashes with an error when I create many units with 250+ population, build many towers, buildings and use spells on an army.
There is no fix for this but you can try using less objects. It can be very random and sometimes it is caused by the mod. If there's a pattern when it happens, please report to me.

My friend disappeared from the multiplayer game and got a "desync" error.

  • Make sure you are using the same version of the game, mod and map/level/world.
  • Check your internet connection speed and stability/reliability.
  • Cheating with a tool can cause this.
  • Sometimes it is random with no fix.

When I join my friend's multiplayer game, the game says I don't have the map/level.
Make sure the map file name in the Levels folder is exactly the same for you and your friend. Any name mismatch will not work.

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