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At request here it is :)

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  1. once you have the game and the Unofficial Patch installed, download the main archive (and the patch if there is one) and extract its content (or their contents in separate folders)Clipboard01
  2. if there's a patch open it's folder, select all of its content, cut and paste it into the other folderClipboard02Clipboard03a
  3. select all the content of the folder, cut and paste it into the folder "Unofficial_Patch" (which is where you installed the game)Clipboard04a
  4. if you want the 2nd set of clans open the folder "XTRAS - 7 Further Clans addon", select all of its content, cut and paste it into "Unofficial_Patch"Clipboard07a
  5. rename "Unofficial_Patch" to "7_New_Clans_Addon", open the Mod Loader and select the modClipboard10a
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