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Welcome to the seventh Zombie Warfare weekly update. This week we finally added the main menu, optimized the code and opened the Zombie Warfare Forum! Check it out!

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Introducing Zombie Warfare Update #7

Welcome to the seventh Zombie Warfare Pre-Alpha weekly update. In this post, you can find the latest things added into the game during this week. The main change in this update is the main menu, but we have done also other minor changes that we'll show later.

Finally.. The main menu is here!

Yes, we finally added it. Do you know what this means? That Zombie Warfare is near to a public alpha release! Let's take a look at the main menu. Since the game is controller by the arrow keys, 'Z' and 'X', the main menu is controlled by the arrow keys and space so you don't have to travel with your fingers around the keyboard to navigate inside the menu. The main menu works also with a Xbox360 gamepad, you can use both Left stick or d-pad to move inside the menu, and 'A' to confirm. Below you can see a gif that shows how works the main menu.

Zombie Warfare Main Menu

Click the .gif to enlarge it

Make the game with us

Do you want to be part of the development? Do you have some ideas and suggestions to show us? Do you have a question to the developers? Do you want to show your feedback? Now you can do it!
To celebrate our 50 watchers, we've decided to open our forum section of IndieDB.
Everyone can read the discussions, but if you want to reply or open a thread, you need an IndieDB account.
Feel free to ask any question or post whatever you like, but make sure that what you post doesn't go against IndieDB's Terms of Use.
You can access to the forum from this link, or simply by clicking the 'Forum' tab below the title of the game. If you have any kind questions for the developer, you can ask it on this thread. Let's hope that this powerful tool will be useful to build a great community.

A cool feature that we've used in our forum, are the Status Logos, some little images that are shown in the forum below the avatar of the user. For now, we've five different Status Logos, you can see them here.

Everyone who has this Status Logo is a Zombie Warfare Developer.
This Status Logo means that the users is an administrator of the Forum.
This person is interested Zombie Warfare and is watching the game on IndieDB.
This person has an exclusive early access copy of the game.
Everyone who has this Status Logo has been banned from the forum :< .

All the Status Logos, but the Watcher one, can be assigned only by an admin. If you are a watcher (and if not, you can became a watcher now) and you want to have the Watcher Status Logo, you need to do the following steps:

  1. You must have at least one post (you can use the New Members section to write your first post and introduce yourself).
  2. Click on the your name on the post.
  3. Scroll down until you see the 'Status Logos' section and check the 'Watcher' status bar.

Gamepad support, code optimization and cutscene engine

We've made also other changes to the game, probably the most important one (apart from the Main Menu), is the total gamepad support. Since the first update, the game was already playable with a gamepad, but the menus were navigable only with mouse and keyboard. Now, we've made every menu and every aspect of the game usable with a gamepad, so when the alpha comes out, you could play Zombie Warfare directly with a gamepad, without using 3rd part softwares!
The second 'minor' change, is a general code optimization. We tried to make the game as light as possible, and now we've got some extras FPS and a lower memory usage, so everyone will be able to play it.
The third 'minor' change is the Cutscene Engine. We've developed this simple engine that will be used to run the story cutscenes directly inside the game, without any external video file. The main advantage of this, is that the final size of the game will be much smaller.

This was the Zombie Warfare Pre-Alpha Update #7 I hope you liked this Update, don't forget to leave a comment with your opinions or suggestions and see you the next week with the new Zombie Warfare weekly update.

Don't forget to track this game to show that you are interested in Zombie Warfare, to get notified when new updates are out and get (as soon as possible) some special gifts!

Thank you for reading this article,
Nyo, Famega Developer

We'll see again...

Every week on Wednesday on IndieDB for the new weekly update. (almost) Every week on Saturday at ~6:00 p.m. (18:00) CEST on my Twitter Profile with #screenshotsaturday for a preview of the next update.


i cant wait for that game

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_Nyo Author

Just one or two weeks (if everything goes well), and the game will be ready for an Early Access!

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If your looking for any help with development send me a message.

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_Nyo Author

I'll keep that in mind, thank you :D

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