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Welcome to the sixth Zombie Warfare weekly update. This week we added three new weapons and a very strange weapon. Check them out!

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Introducing Zombie Warfare Update #6

Welcome to the sixth Zombie Warfare Pre-Alpha weekly update. In this post, you can find the latest things added into the game during this week. This update adds three new real weapons and a strange weapon. Let's see them in action!

Do you want to be stealthy? Now you can!

The first weapon added this week is the Silenced Pistol. Probably you'll say "What's the point of a silenced pistol in a Zombie game?" and you're right. The silenced pistol will be used in some story missions when you have to be stealth (yes, because the game will have a story and some stroy missions will be stealth). Below you can see the silenced pistol in action!

Silenced Pistol in action

The second weapon that we added it's also in the "stealth kit" and it's a knife. WeThe Knife are actually trying to link the knife to some specific mission (for example, we're going to make a kill mission where you must use only the knife), but for now you can buy it in the shop like a normal weapon. In the .gif below you can see how the knife works.

Knife in action

Fire, fire, FIRE!!

The third weapon added in this update is the Flamethrower. We spent a lot of The Flamethrowertime to design and add it into the game, but our efforts have been repaid with a very nice-looking flamethrower and very polished flames. With the flamethrower, the ammo consume will be much higher, but the flames will kill almost instantly a normal zombie, and if you kill a zombie with the flamethrower, there is a much higher possibility that the corpse will explode, causing huge damage to all the other zombies near it. This is the flamethrower in action

Flamethrower in action

The strangest weapon in the game is...

As you have maybe seen in #screenshotsaturday, in this update we added also

The Nut thrower

the strangest weapon in the game. Its name is "Nut thrower" and it's basically a modified version of the grenade launcher, which throws Hazelnuts instead of grenades. The hazelnuts don't explode, but they cause damage when they touch an enemy. The Nut thrower has an higher rate of fire than the grenade launcher, and if you miss your target, you can pick the hazelnuts from the floor so you don't waste ammo. Here is the Nut Thrower in action!
Nut thrower in action!

This was the Zombie Warfare Pre-Alpha Update #6. I hope you liked this Update, don't forget to leave a comment with your opinions or suggestions and see you the next week with the new Zombie Warfare weekly update.

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Thank you for reading this article,
Nyo, Famega Developer

We'll see again...

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I smell a Broforce wannabe.

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Come on, its a sidescrolling shooter, there were thousands before broforce

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