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This is the results of the war and transmissions that were sent . To anyone who doesn't know , the Yuuzhan Vong war was costly resulting in 5/8 of the galaxy destroyed and trillions killed

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war : Yuuzhan Vong war

1. Galactic Alliance 2. Yuuzhan vong under command of avenger2

Outcome : Galactic Alliance costly victory and Yuuzhan Vong pushed away from the galaxy .

Holonet Transmissions

Urgent transmission incoming: code:Red.

*static* -re unde *static* -ck by Yuu *static* -ng forces. We ca *static* -uch longer

-i will finish it later .

*edit* I never got to go through all the transmissions so sorry if anyone can provide them then that would be appreciated
current emperor Johnyboy1

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