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Do you want your own cameo appearance on Endyr? Now's the chance for your suggestion. Will you say wise words or just talk random nonsense? Your decision! Be sure to read the image rules.

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Did you ever want to stand or walk around in a video game? Like waiting the whole day for some random hero to appear, telling him or her random stuff? Now you can! I need a bunch of NPCs (or signs, graves, or anything else) talking about whatever you like! Those will be placed as easter eggs in secret locations, for example a ghost appearing only at a certain time or if special conditions are met.

You may suggest such conditions and the NPC's behaviour and anything else your twisted mind comes up with. If it sounds good to me (and can be done within a reasonable amount of time) I'll include your ideas in the game. Your NPC may or may not offer a real discussion - possibilities range from a quote over simply random short phrases to complex discussion with many branches. Just make sure that every paragraph fits into the typical 3-lines-box (try about 80 chars max per paragraph).

Image rules
For your own character please send me a standard charset (sample charset, full color or paletted PNG, 24x32 each frame, single background color) and a matching faceset (sample faceset, full color or paletted PNG, 96x96 each face, background alpha or any color). Pixel your own original NPC or use one of the numerous generators out there. For signs or other stuff just send your self-made pixel art. The map tile size is 16x16 for reference.

Send your cameo suggestion to and make sure to include your Endyr ( username. Non-original pics (made by someone else or stolen images from RPG makers or other games) are prohibited and will be rejected.

Good luck and have fun!


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