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YOTTAGAME STUDIO has recently open the event "Maroni Casino" of the game - Mafia City H5.

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YOTTAGAME STUDIO has recently open the event "Maroni Casino" of the game - Mafia City H5. Mafia City, the theme revolves around the aspect of internal war and treachery within the Mafia society. The game combines strategy with elements of Global Server MMO and bringing about the most heated battle along with the most diverse interaction community, producing near realistic rushing sensation. The player will take the role of a Mafia Boss starting a crusade engulfed in battles and cunningness, aiming to be King of the underworld!


Maroni Casino Event

During the event, leaders might gain Maroni’s secret letter by assassinating Maroni’s boys. By using it, one can locate Maroni’s casino which can only be attacked with raid forces. Successfully destroying it will be rewarded with plenty of reward, attacking member's clan will also gain some rewards. Boss, the battle's about to start! Are you ready? Have fun gaming!

★Event Time:Start at 00:00:00 06-08-2018 (City Time)

Kindly head to the swimming pool for more info.

About Mafia City

All the forces in the world are on the move, gaining fame and acknowledgement. How will you manage your men, gang and clan? Leading them and overpowering your enemies? How will you expand your family and become a Godfather!

Under your wise guidance, your family has reached new grounds, but your rival Maroni must be planning something big. Traces of his boys have been sighted in the neighborhood, according to reliable informant, those boys might be carrying a secret letter of Maroni, and marked on that letter is Maroni’s main source of income - the location of his casino. BOSS, should we hit it hard and cut off his source?

Mafia City official site ( Yotta game studio),chinese version mafia game name is 黑道風雲H5, thank you!

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