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The name "Xýlo" which means Wood is in honor of one 0 A.D. developpers Ken Wood, who died in 2006.

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The Council is both happy and proud to announce a special new release!!!

What is it?

Millennium A.D. is a total conversion mod for 0 A.D. focusing on the Middle Ages. It is divided in two parts, this first one is focusing on the first half of the Middle Ages; the timeframe of Charlemagne and the Viking Age. The name of this release is Xýlo. This is a byzantine word for wood, in recognition for vanilla 0AD’s founder ( ). That is respectful for the new release.

What is new?

Thanks to Alexandermb talented modder is responsible for majority of the new models, Wackyserious our versatile texture artist, Stanislas69 our artist and Lion.Kanzen icon and texture artist, we are happy to introduce you to two new civilizations Byzantines and Carolingians as well as Anglo-Saxons and Norse faction are updated this release.


The mighty civilization which has its roots in Eastern Roman Empire dawns this release.


This release Byzantines got new market, variation of houses, corral, blacksmith, civ centre and many other buildings. Also Byzantines use new units and ships including fire ships.


The time of Charlemagne has come and you will witness the might of his Franks.


Last release Carolingians were hidden and worked on by Stanislas69 and this release thanks to fully redone building set and remodelled units are available. You can look forward to Cathedral of Aachen and Carolingian church or docks. From units we can mention Catholic priest.


This release Anglo-Saxons got Bixworth church(wonder) enabled and Offa of Mercia as their hero that together with his axeman will break through the lines of defence.


The Norse

Prepare for the new naval battles with the Norse. Since last release the Norse got new longboats and ships are fully animated.



Many smaller changes were made in this release too, but it would be too elaborate to list them all.

Who are we?

The Council of Modders was formed up of two small modding teams and a few newcomers: Aristeia (about the bronze age),Millennium A.D. (about medieval times), Rise of the East (East civilizations, Current Terra Magna) and Ponies Ascendant (Pony factions) CoM aims to create a umbrella for all wannabee modders and help everyone needed and of course create their own projects.

How to:

  1. Unzip the download but leave the inner archive intact.
  2. Place the unzipped folder into /binaries/data/mods. You'll see another folder there called 'public'.
  3. Launch the game and enable the mod in Options>Mod Selection. Press 'Start Mods'.
  4. Enjoy the mod!


Xýlo 23

ModIO installation:

  1. Main menu -> Configuration -> Mods -> Download -> doubleclick

Pyromod installation:

  1. Download pyromod file, open with pyrogenesis.exe

Zip installation:

  1. Download the zip file from here, drag and drop on pyrogenesis.exe

In the last few years some members retired leaving us shorthanded. We are currently especially in the need of artists. So if you're a talented artist with a passion for history and you would like to help us out, please contact us using a PM or (preferably) in this thread: Wildfiregames...showtopic=18412 Thanks in advance!

Our thanks go to everyone that helped us to achieve this mod through contributing, playtesting or in another way!
If you have tips / suggestions, feel free to let us know. Also if you find bugs, let them know too. Support 0 A.D. if you like us:

The main menu background is made by Alexlinde from Deviantart. You can find him here:

The soundtracks are created by Antti Martikainen. You can find more of his work here: and

.Eol. - - 613 comments


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Argeomer - - 5,583 comments

this game is becoming so awesome :D been tracking this for a few years already. Continue the good work :)

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EXU_SKULLY - - 636 comments


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Guest - - 695,463 comments

Congratulations on the job. I report below some of my observations:


2- And where is the cover the Royal Theng?

3- Why do the Saxons make stables without stopping?

4- The Byzantine there is not hero!!

5- The Byzantine have 2 equal champions knights.

6- The Varegian guard would be better with a Danish axe and bonus.

7- Where is the map “Hawensound”? He was the best map!!

8- The Norse Swordman costs a lot of metal: 30!

9- The "Rivers" map are with few trees.

10- Regicide mode is impractical, as the hero dies easily. He does not run to the garrison anymore after 70% damage.

11- I thought the horses are very big. The OAD 22 is better.

12- Missing the stories of the Carolingiens, Saxons, Byzantine and Norses.

13- The replays have an error, with the main player (human).

14- Will not have the mod Terra Magna 23?!

15- It would be nice to have in the “Menu” the option to restart the game!

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wackyserious - - 51 comments

Good day to you! (And to everyone too!) Thank you for staying with the project and for your feedback. This will be helpful in polishing the mod.

1.) Lesser Thegns (Anglo-Saxon swordsman) takes the role of the non-spear melee infantry for the Anglo-Saxon faction

2.) (Will be addressed in the next release)

3.) This issue was already noted. We are trying to determine the cause and solve the issue.

4.) A solid discussion about the Hero roster for the Byzantines was not achieved. This will be addressed in future releases.

5.) (Subject to discussion) Please head over at the forums to join our discussions We encourage substantial and effective community participation in the faction discussions.

6.) (Subject to discussion)

7.) IIRC, Howe Sound is classified under random maps.

8.) (Subject to discussion) Game balance is a really sensitive topic at the moment, partly because the main game is still at an alpha stage and so does the project, we wanted to focus at the contents and proceed with balancing it the later stages.

9.) (Noted and will be addressed to the rest of the team)

10.) This is a main game issue, I suggest you discuss this at the official forums.

11.) New horses are a new implementation in the main game. The new ones have more geometry and have better animations, it is an improvement feature. (At the moment there are two varieties, a war horse and a pony)

12.) (Will be addressed in the future releases)

13.) (I'll notify Stanislas69 about this issue)

14.) (It is still being packaged for release. Please bear with us)

15.) (I suggest you address this over at the official game forums)

Thank you for your time! We appreciate the feedback.

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tomasmat - - 60 comments

2-could you specify it a bit more?
9-could you visit our forums and post replay there?

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Guest - - 695,463 comments

es normal que las facciones de base del 0 ad aparezcan en la modificacion?

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tomasmat - - 60 comments

Yes that is normal

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lion.kanzen - - 100 comments

Si, no buscamos reemplazarlas.

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Tallestdavid - - 975 comments

please make it for 0.24! its amazing patch

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Tallestdavid - - 975 comments

this dead? isnt working with current patch :(

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