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Download the mod, extract it and copy the folder in the directory where the GTA SA is installed. *Before installing make sure you have your GTA San Andreas without any mod or you will have problems with the mod

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* Contains: New myths, more weapons, vehicles and a base in Verdant Meadonws. In comparison to the Misterix Mod this is much better.

* Myths:
-Zombies: Cemetery of the Saints, go at 11:00 PM (23:00) they will call you and the fight will start.
-Skeletons: In Evil Village at 22:00 or 23:00 they will call you and the skeletons will come for you.
-Aliens: In Verdant Meadowns (Airport Abandoned) near the entrance at the top will leave a ship that will rain Aliens: blink:
-Samara: Yes the Ring and the Call. In Montgomery at 8:00 PM (8:00 PM) Samara will call you and if you do not get out of the vehicle, it will explode with you inside
-Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger (Scary Town Killers): In Back or 'Beyond at 23:00, walk past the lake of Kaka D: and there will be a camp, they will call you and start to leave 1 for 1, there are weapons for kill him to C / U of them
- Monsters or demons of the lake: In Fissher Lagoon's there will be a fisherman in a cabin they will kill him and they will go for you.
-Gekko: In the waterworks of San Fierro.
-Man trees: I do not know the location, near Red Country.
-The Eplison program: In The Farm at 00:00, the "lacayes" of Eplison will appear, kill them, spirits of each element will come along with Eplison, kill them.
- Man lizard and Devils of the cave: In the castle of the devil at 23:00 call you, 2 demons will come out and the lizard man, clarified lizard man is killed only with melee attacks.
-Godzilla: Yes, another one, on the beach of the saints, be careful when approaching each step, it's equal to an explosion. The army helps you.
-King Kong: At the hospital of the Saints you will throw stones the size of the moon D: the army helps you.
-Pigssy and Yeti: Both in Mount Chilliand, Pigssy at 23:00 in the green / yellow zone, -Yeti is hidden in rocks at any time.
-Big Foot (Pata de Burro): In Shady Creeks in the hut that is downhill.
-Dr. Salvador: In Shady Creeks at 6:00 pm they call you D: some zombies will come out, kill them and then 3 Dr's Salvador.
-Nemesis: At Zombo Tech San Fierro.
-Mr.X: At 00:00 in a desert town.
-Say killers: In the circus casino will be some clowns will attack you and also comes out in Chief Clown D:
-Glendale Ghost: In Back or 'Beyond at 00:00 he wants to run you over
-Sadler Ghost: In the upper right part of the abandoned airport.
-Bestia cave: In the cave that is in the Desert comes and there will be a beast

* Those who have no time, no matter what time you look for them.

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