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Hello. I should post it fee months (years xD) ago.

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I should post it few months (years xD) ago.
But mod is officially dead... Why ?

1. I don't have time
2. It's hard to change anything in mafia (adding weapons is impossibru)
3. There is no Multiplayer... :(
4. Of course game is Epic and this is my #1 game ever, but for now community of mafia is just a small group of fanatics :)

For those fanatics i share my whole work!I just share what i've done.


Copy all content of ~~~MOD~~~ to your Mafia directory.
If mod isn't working run Mafia Data Xtractor once.

Weapons are bugged and all is in Polish.
But you can remove textdb_pl.def then start Tutorial.
For more fun use MafiaCon by ASM.

P.S I thinking about to make Mafia 1 Remake on Source Engine ;)

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