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Brutal Nature releases version 0.28 with a new terrain editing system, new particle effects and more performance!

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Brutal Nature has just released version 0.28! Download it today and give it a try!

Main new features are a new editing system that allows you to easily edit on a grid, sized to your brush as well as massive performance improvements all around!

0.28 screenshots0.28 screenshots
0.28 screenshots0.28 screenshots

Change log:

  • Fixed all known bugs.

    More 0.28 screenshots

  • Massively improved terrain editing controls.
  • Terrain editing now done on a grid based on size of edit box.
  • Most controls changed.
  • Reduced bandwidth used by map by 50%.
  • Reduced initial server map generation time by 70%.
  • Added z-fail optimizations, 15% more FPS.
  • Skybox optimization, 5% more FPS.
  • Added background to chat box, scan text box and ammo display.More 0.28 screenshots
  • Changed player collision from sphere to ellipsoid.
  • Improved multithreading job distribution.
  • Added sound and particle effects for mining and terrain placement.
  • Added sprint key.
  • Changed client and server to use domain instead of fixed IP.
  • Fixed bug in frustum culling, 50% more FPS.More 0.28 screenshots
  • Fixed bug in texture loading code
  • Fixed server ghosting users bug.
  • Fixed smelter progress bug.
  • Fixed bug where shooting the terrain as it was initially loading would prevent that area from loading.

More 0.28 screenshots More 0.28 screenshots


That bear scared the butts out of me ;_;

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BlackMoons Author

Thanks! I love hearing about those damn bears. :)

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hey, i really like your work!
are you going to implement dynamic shadows?

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BlackMoons Author

Yep, There already is dynamic shadows for terrain, I have just been working at improving FPS before implementing cascade maps and shadows for the trees.

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good to hear

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