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World Demo R1.1 is nearly completed, and will soon be uploaded.

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Development has been a little slow, as with all my games. I have multiple side projects, which are small games that I use when my inspiration for Apocalyptic runs dry, such as Hardwar 2D and I'm remaking the first game I ever created with Construct, the pathetically named Space Conquest 2.

But on to World Demo R1.1. This is not a major release, and it doesn't add much. In fact, it doesn't have anywhere near the amount of new content that I was planning here. I have been mainly working on two aspects of the game over the last few weeks; the combat system and the resources system. I'm not sure about how I want to implement the combat system. I have several prototypes going, but all need vigorous testing. The resources system is going to be changing a lot as well. Currently, and for all the early releases, there will be a simple resources system of Wood, Food and Money. I guess all three are self explanatory, but later releases will be far more complex and actually have a proper inventory, where the player can collect items to construct with.

World Demo R1.1 New Features:
- Graphics have been slightly messed about with, although not much.
- HUD has been redesigned a little, with new icons and a control bar.
- You can build a basic shelter with the Shelter button on the control bar now. (Model not finished)
- (EXPERIMENTAL) You can build walls with the Wall button on the control bar. Later versions will actually require you to have enough wood to build them.
- You can now zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.
- Major work done upon the menus, mainly because now there actually is one.
- Although not a actual feature, I've included the ability to switch to Pistol and UnArmed using the 1 and 0 keys. The pistol doesn't have the combat system implemented yet, it only shoots a little yellow thing. :P
- A basic roaming Zombie AI is included in the system, but is disabled because of instabilities...

Note: The options menus controls are not yet functional, and the Create New Game menus controls are also disabled.

The World Demo R1.1 is complete and will be uploaded within the next few days.

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