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Cargo systems are under works at AirwaySim's Online Airline Simulation.

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Hi there everyone! It's again time to update the latest progress and news from AirwaySim's airline simulations.

Preview: Air Cargo

The addition of cargo carrying as part of the airline simulation has been in the thoughts and works for a longer time already but for the last few months we've been really focused into this and made good progress.

Air Cargo

Image: Cargo demand figures from Route Planning screen.

The cargo system itself will feature for example:

  • Ability to carry cargo as part of available cargo space on passenger flights, "belly cargo".

  • Ability to create cargo-only airlines that fly pure freighter airplanes.

  • Realistic cargo demand figures based on actual economic values of countries, calculated only based on the economic and geographical factors instead of fixed airport properties.

  • A very detailed simulation of the cargo abilities of each aircraft. The system for example calculates how much space from the cargo holds the passengers' bags take, and how then how much weight and volume is left for the cargo.

  • Three different types of cargo to simulate the various different types of freight being sent by air, from mail to large bulky special cargo.

You can keep an eye on the more frequent progress updates from our website. You can also find more preview images and additional information from there (just visit the AirwaySim's Forums and there the Announcements sub-board).

Air Cargo

Image: Part of the extensive aircraft details, featuring the cargo capability.

The first private alpha-level cargo testing game to proof the basic concepts has been just completed without issues. Next we will focus on the most complicated parts, the building and tuning of a completely new demand system algorithms.

The new City-Based Demand system will be a key cornerstone of the whole cargo system. This new demand model will be previewed and explained in detail later on but in short it means a completely new approach to the way the demand figures from airport to another are calculated. They are no longer based on each airport's predefined statistics but instead on country's historically accurate economic values, and the data of individual areas in the country.

New final results dashboard

The game world final results page has received a complete makeover. This is the page that is viewable for up to two weeks after a game world has ended, allowing you to browse the final statistics and basic details of your and other airlines.

Here's how it looks now:

Final results dashboard

Airline simulation

AirwaySim's Airline Simulation is a realistic multiplayer online simulation for the serious aviation and business enthusiast:

  • In AirwaySim you can create your own airline and build your very own airline empire, you are the airline CEO.
  • You will start off small with older used aircraft and work your way through to the big leagues of large international air carriers. Or you may choose to run a small regional carrier if you like - you are fully in charge.
  • Expand your airline with new routes and aircraft and open new base airports. Manage the ticket prices, staffing levels and route schedules of your airline to optimize your profits. You have dozens and dozens of possibilities and functions available to manage your airline.
  • You can choose to play in the historical scenarios with old propliners or in the modern ages with new jets.
  • Compete against other managers worldwide - all management moves directly affect the other players. You can also team up in airline alliances.
  • AirwaySim includes realistic and complex financial model with powerful reporting tools - a true business simulation.
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