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I am currently working on the Mercy Hospital Apartments, getting them to look like the beta. Screenshots coming soon!

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The Beta Mercy Hospital Apartments featured things such as much bumpier street texture bump mapping, it rained everywhere, the tarp did not fly away, a darker, more ambient feel with limited to no fog, more trashed areas, a bigger moon which lit the street, and much more. I've been using beta videos as references for the conversion. After the apartments are done, I will work on the subway. Plans for the first release are all 5 of the Mercy Hospital maps (Hell Hospital) with beta styles and layouts.
Wish me luck, and don't forget to add the mod to your mod watch list.

P.S Please dont send me personal messages through modb unless you really have to, use the forums on the group page or contact me through There is an official moddb group for this mod which you can visit at

Thanks Everyone, and check out the forum for Community Projects as well.


To answer a letter, I recently received, Dear L4D Beta Mod Leader,

"I Am just Gonna Ask This. Will You Make the Beta models or Will You Wait
for valve to release them?
Well if they Do... ._. And Can i be a beta Tester? :P "
To answer your first question, I am almost 100% certain Valve will
never release the beta models they haven't all ready, I speculate they
changed them due to when they made it so you could only see your
flashlight lighting up areas and not your friends flashlights lighting
up areas, among a few other things, they wanted them to stand out more
from the common horde. Although I disagree, they should have left it so
you could see everyone's flashlights, and left it so players were
filthy, gritty, and unshaven, in post apocalyptic wear. This not only
adds to the realism, but adds an extra note not to shoot your friends
and to "Watch where the hell your shooting!" (Francis). So, yes I will have to re-make them.
As for your second question as becoming beta tester, what is your experience with the
beta, do you strongly know the differences between the release and the
beta? if not... Please learn, and contact me when you can.


Left 4 Dead Beta mod leader.


I strongly do know the difrences between the release and the beta....if you would consider me to play the beta first contact me at :)

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