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welcome oh loyal wookiees to our most gracious group watch us grow and learn with us as the wookiees become a force to be rekonded with in the galaxy we will free our brothers from slavery and abbuse and then we will make the empire pay for there enslavement of our world

Posted by on wookiee translator :D

welcome to kashyyyk many of you will embrace wookiees as brothers or sister or you are wookiees like my self well what ever your reason for joining ohwoanoaooscwo wwrcwoahwhwac

Famous wookiees:-

  • Attichitcuk
  • Bacca
  • Chewbacca
  • Chuundar
  • Fahraark
  • Freyyr
  • Grakchawwaa
  • Groznik
  • Hanharr
  • Lowbacca
  • Lumpawaroo
  • Quagga
  • Rorworr
  • Tarfful
  • Tojjevvuk
  • Tyvokka
  • Yarua
  • Yubookoo
  • Zaalbar

ten commandments from Attichicuk himself thy wookiee
2.defend thy wookiee
3.honour thy wookiee
4.honour thy traditions
5.contribute to thy group
6.grow thy group
7.teach thy group
8.insturuct thy group thy shadow lands
10.kill thy ritual beast

Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

So you finally figured out who Attichituk was?

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Adrien_Victus Author
Adrien_Victus - - 3,823 comments

i already knew shut up pizza man

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Kjrov - - 568 comments

Heh, you guys didn't put Chewies' son, Lumpy, Err.. Lumpawaroo.

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Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

Mmmmmm... pizza *homer's gargle noise*

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