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The War on Krell (WoK) aims to be a unique multiplayer Minecraft experience with a progressing story.

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THE WAR ON KRELL The War on Krell (WoK) aims to be a unique Minecraft experience with a progressing story. This world consists of 3 "evolutions".

+ First Evolution - The War
There are two major Kingdoms in Krell,

  • The Kingdom of Shinrai (RED)
  • The Kingdom of Tarana (BLUE)

These two factions are fighting for total control of the lands in Krell. Objectives - Factions must capture nuetral towns in an order (closest to territory) to expand Kingdom territory. When all points are captured its time to destroy/capture the opposing castle. Capture Points: (Still being worked on and decided)

  • Mine
  • Armory
  • Mill
  • Boat House

These points also help benefit the Kingdom that controls them. To capture a point, an outpost tower must be constructed in the designated area, along with the Kingdom's flag colors. EnvironmentThe environment of Krell is unique. It also has secrets to be found and explored. There is also corruption in the lands of Krell, but no one seems to know why...

The people listed here are the people currently working on the project:
  • [FH] Gorgutz - Project Manager, Mapper, Gameplay
  • [FH] Roondawg - Mapper, Gameplay
  • [FH] Steinyboy - Mapper

Currently requesting help from:

  • [FH] SheerIce
  • [FH] Midgetman

Currently willing to help:

  • [FH] Flashhback

*Additional Help is Welcomed!* :)

------------->*DESCRIPTION SPOILERS BELOW*<---------------

++ Second Evolution - The Adventure
Krell has awoken... the corruption in the lands has become severe and is rapidly spreading. Both Kingdoms were so occupied in the War that no one came across the thought to try to contain or cleanse the infection. The lands run red with blood, lava spews fromt he ground. We must venture to Ragnarock mountain, the heart of the infection, and risk our lives trying stop Krell.

+++Third Evolution - The Aftermath
The mighty demon, Krell, has been defeated... for now. Slowly, we're cleansing the lands. There are no masters, the Kingdoms of Tarana and Shinrai are no more. The people are free to do as they please... but what now? When comes the new threat? Only time will tell...

TrashCan-Man23 - - 683 comments

Sounds pretty interesting.

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[FH]Gorgutz Author
[FH]Gorgutz - - 286 comments

(Reply button isn't working) Well thanks, got our a majority of our group working on this project, and of course we'll give downloads of the maps. We're working on small side projects to test small parts to merge it together into the main project.

*Edit, guess it did work.

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