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WM56 ETW 1700's mod will be loaded with all new uniforms for the European nations as well as face variations. One of the main concepts of the mod will be that now instead of taking the generals that the game picks for you , you will be able to purchase as many generals as you like and discard the ones you don't want to keep. The core game will stay the same as the original game; only the uniforms, faces and unit icons will be changed. All portraits of gen's ministers and rakes have been changed.

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I am using the 13 colonies ESF from mod db of which I edited it giving all the major factions 9 million in cash to start the game with. All mj factions are playable. If You start off with a fresh copy of ETW the game will play as the original. When you download my mod you should be able to add other model packs to it as long as you use model manager 1.5. In my mod I have recolored all maps, replace all generals and almost all portraits have been replaced. I replaced most all of the European unit icons as well as ship icons. This should make the game seem more realistic. This my first mod so bare with me. I am still figuring things out on here.

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