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Witch Blast is a free roguelike-like dungeon crawl shooter heavily inspired from Binding Of Isaac. The player plays as a novice magician in a dungeon who is trying to get as far as he can, using various items he can find to defeat the inhabitants of the dungeon.

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This update features the 2 players mode, a new UI, the new scoring system and display and more (see changelog).

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On GitHub:

Changelog (from 0.7 to 0.7.5)

  • ADD 2 players mode
  • ADD Score display in game
  • ADD New game and pause UI
  • ADD Player scores are shining in score screens
  • ADD German, Spanish and Russian translations
  • ADD Mouse support for using/dropping consumables and switching bolt type
  • ADD Config option to turn off the pause while losing the focus
  • ADD Config option to turn off sprite batching of particles
  • ADD Config option to decrease lifetime of particles (for old computers)
  • ADD Potion description in the pause screen
  • MOD Sausages can now be killed in one shot (standard damage)
  • MOD Lightning spell deals progressive damage (5 dam in level 3, 6 in level 4, etc...)
  • MOD Increase of the divine protection duration
  • MOD Effect cooldown are now in the upper part of the interface
  • MOD Cooldown to pick up a potion we've dropped is now 5 seconds
  • MOD Explosive barrel is now red with an explosion symbol
  • MOD Some barrels are damaged at generation
  • MOD "Bomberman"-type rooms have always barrels at level 4 and above now
  • MOD Green blood and slime corpses have been desaturated for a better game visibility
  • MOD Level up divinity effect has been changed (was too close of the divinity intervention effect)
  • FIX Inputs are processed while the game window has no focus
  • FIX Doors don't open when there is still spider webs in room
  • FIX Spider webs slow down some spiders
  • FIX Grid on walls
  • FIX The player effects (poison, slow, damage up, etc...) are not saved
  • FIX Bag appears only when the player has boots
  • FIX No door to secret room on loaded game
  • FIX Item order in the inventory
  • FIX It's possible to let the player name blank
  • FIX It's possible to drop potions we don't have
  • FIX Closing the game in the pause screen don't save the game
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