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Today we have a special contest to announce (and our first). The idea is to let you take part in the production. You are able to create a whole new character that is going to be implented in Gravix. Just think at the humor of Gravix, mix it up with your own ideas and there you go! You can create a lesbian roboter, a neurotic sheep, whatever you want to see! Just fill out this form and write it as comment below.

What to win?

  • Your idea in Gravix
  • Your name in the Credits
  • Free Copy of Gravix when it is released
  • (Access to the Beta Test)

How to apply?

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Biography:
  • Role in Gravix:
  • Design: //A photo link or text is possible

Name: Bob Shaunton
Age: None
Gender: Robot, male AI
Biography: Bob is a nice robot from a galaxy far far away. He is currently in his midlife crisis and searches some action, therefore he joins Gravissimo to fight againt the Techmechs. He often is sad and has a really black humor.
Role in Gravix: He helps Gravissimo to fight against the Techmechs. He has some special abilitys xyz.
Design: Rusty robot, humanoid, looks like this.

I am greatly looking forward to see some nice ideas and to share them. Have fun with it,



Name: Alejandro
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Alejandro comes from Spain. He left his life for a intergalactic journey. He meets Gravissimo while being attacked. Gravissimo finds him and saves him.Alejandro pledges to protect Gravissimo to the bitter end. Alejandro has a sarcastic sense of humor and often taunts his enemy in combat.
Role: Alejandro's role is to protect Gravissimo. Or go get him a smoothie. Which every Gravissimo pleases. His special ability is to distract a enemy while Gravissimo attacks.

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Name: Pablo-San the Hispanic Ninja
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Biography: Born in Mexico, Pablo has studied the way of the ninja and loves to go to public events. Everywhere he goes he takes his copy of the Necronomicon and worships Cthulhu and Yog-Sottoth

Role: To use his speed and stealth to kill, make money, and eat tacos. His special ability is to clone himself, assassinate, jump borders and run around with speed and stealth.

Design: Simple! He is a ninja with black clothing (from head to toe) and a sombrero.

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Name: EH15
Male core name: Hank
Female core name: Edna
Age: none
Gender/s:Male AI/Female AI

Biography: EH15 is a robot who has 2 different personality cores one being male the other female they switch control of their body randomly the one not in control can not do anything other than talk, see, and hear. both of the cores hate each other and want the other one dead, or out of their body.
The male core (Hank) does not want to go to earth and all ways enjoys blowing things up even if what's blowing up is his, an explosion makes every moment a great moment for Hank also he is often sarcastic he and is a bit insane when it comes to fighting as he taunts his enemies no matter how big or small.
The female core is constantly trying to get back to earth to find her(and Hank's) creator so she can get rid of Hank somehow weather it be killing him or otherwise, she is never sarcastic and also has a love for sheep.

Role: Hank is trying to get the Gravissimos help to get rid of Edna. Edna is trying to get to earth and will do almost anything to get there.

Design:Square yellow body with two rectangular arms that have three fingers each that interlock with two fingers in front one in the back,
the legs like human legs and feet only these are flat and there is two of them. in the upper middle of the body there is one large eye and when the male core is in control it is blue when the female core is in control it is red

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Name: Geloman
Age: 36
Gender: Male Bisexual/Humanoid
Biography: Geloman is a visionary man, he wished to make his own Utopia called Gelonation to make the world a better place. He even write a book about his vision. Unfortunately he is too lazy to make it happen. Now he is just a drunken man who live by his brother money.
Geloman is bisexual, he is attracted to both man and woman, but he rejected his gay side. He love to masturbate, he usually do it while watching a porn in the internet. Oh yeah, he has a laptop in his apartment

Role: Geloman will start as drunken man you can find. If you help him to to make his dream come true, he will become THE President of Gelonation and will provide you with more mission and gadget

Design: He will wearing a brown cloak all around his body as a drunken man, so you can't see his face. After you help him build Gelonation, you can see him as a hologram. In the hologram you can see him wearing a tuxedo and a mask with a letter G on it. Oh yeah, he's bold

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* Name: Fern Wellingston (although very few know her real name)
* Age: 26
* Gender: Female
* Biography: A scrupulous manhunter. Was once the daughter of a wealthy, but strictly religious tradesman. Now she travels throughout the galaxy mooching off of naive rich men, before sneaking off (often after slipping a drop of poison into the meal of her "love"). She doesn't really need the money or anything, not any more; but she has turned it into a sport. Very few know her real name, as she has many pseudonyms and is a master of disguise, lies and seduction. When the player encounters her she'll obviously try and take advantage.
* Role in Gravix: Will lend her strength (she knows how to handle pisols) and knowledge of the many dangers of space to the player for a time, after your paths cross. You'll never know when she'll choose to abandon you to your demise, though...
* Design: She'll be wearing a long red coat and have straight black hair beyond her shoulders when you meet her, but she'll don disguises during certain missions. She'll, of course also wear a red headband at ALL TIMES, which noone seems to notice.

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