Community members can win a copy of BATTLEFIELD 3 every month until the game is released in October.

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Win a digital copy of BATTLEFIELD 3 every month!

That's right, Community members can win a copy of BATTLEFIELD 3 every
month until the game is released in October. How do I enter for my
chance to win a free copy? It's easy, just
a free account on
by simply posting on our Community Forums and maintain an Activity
Level of 50% or higher for your chance to win. That's all!

Staff will also not tell you how many post you need to get to the next
rank. We fear in doing so it would lead to SPAM and that is the last
thing we want on BFS. However, rest assured, it will not take community
members very long to achieve Private First Class. Some members may even
reach this rank in less than a week, as intended.

But wait it gets even better!! The more you rank up on Source the better
your chances are of winning a free copy of BATTLEFIELD 3!
Again, we are not promoting spam. In fact, Source Mods will simply
remove any mindless spam on our boards. After all, this is BATTLEFIELD 3
we are talking about, it's not like there is nothing to talk about so
let's get some intelligent conversations going.

Community Members may also post in BF3 Community News. This news will be ported to the main page of Source under Community Submitted News to help increase your Source rank. The only requirement for community submitted News is it must pertain to the Battlefield series.
Any violation of the rules or misconduct could end with a permanent ban
form the Source network and all of its events so please show some
maturity when posting in Community Submitted News.

BattlefieldSource staff would like to wish all of you the best of luck and we hope to see you in battle soon.

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