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There are some niggly issues when first running this mod. See the article for details to resolve.

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Widescreen: I have used Adoxa's JFLP in order to implement widescreen, this sometimes means that when you first run the game, the menu is shifted off-screen to the left slightly and everything is zoomed in too far. Easy to fix, simply go into Options and set your correct display resolution, go back to main menu, exit the game and restart - this will fix the screen resolution. I will work on a way to get this set properly when the mod is activated in FLMM

Sound: There are known issues with 3D sound on Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, if you get crashes, disable 3D sound in the options.

HudShift - I have used Adoxa's HudShift dll to push out the HUD to the screen edges for widescreen in-game - if you are not using a widescreen resolution and experience problems, let me know and I will provide a fix.

Please do leave any feedback on the summary page, or on the facebook page and I will try to sort your issues ASAP


Stormprooter Author

Widescreen issues.

If you have a monitor that is not 16:9 aspect ratio/resolution, you will need to edit \DATA\INTERFACE\HudShift.ini using notepad or similar.

Change line 1 to [HUDShift]
Change line 8 to [;HUDShift]

This should cure any problems with the menu items being off-screen

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Stormprooter Author

The new version (0.2) should resolve these issues, by default all changing of the HUD field of view angles has been disabled.

If you want to shift out the hud on widescreen,you will need to edit dacom.ini in the EXE folder, and uncomment the line ;HudShift.dll by removing the ; character.

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