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Interesting Read I found today! Let me know what you think Why the Jedi deserve to Fall

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In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m a big Star Wars nerd so if you don’t like it, there’s the door.
I was watching the Season Finale of The Clone Wars Season 5 last week, so if you haven’t seen it yet there are SPOILERS AHEAD!
In the final few episodes of the season Padawan Ahsoka Tano is framed
for murder and has to go on the run to prove her innocence. She is
expelled from the Jedi order because of the “overwhelming” evidence
against her, despite the fact that she pleads innocence from the start.
When it is finally resolved and they realise Ahsoka was indeed
framed, she is offered her role in the Jedi Order once more. Rightly
Asoka walks away from the order and rejects them. She was correct as
well; they were so quick to jump to conclusions and not give her the
benefit of the doubt.
This is then pretty much repeated when Anakin ends up turning to the
Dark Side in Revenge of the Sith. None of the Jedi order trust Anakin,
especially Mace Windu and Yoda; so they prevent him from becoming a Jedi
Master. Little do they realise that it is because of their distrust
that his anger towards them is growing and it is due to them that he
eventually turns bad. You have to think, if they’d just made him a
master then they could have prevented all of this from happening.
The Jedi had essentially become arrogant and complacent, thinking
that only their ways were right and when Obi-Wan says to Anakin at the
end “I have failed you” he was utterly right. He and the other Jedi
completely failed him. Obi-Wan doesn’t even try to really reason with
him and decides he is lost. So what does he do? He leaves his best
friend lying in agony, on fire.
I always had a real problem with this as the Jedi are always talking
about “compassion”; really? When does this compassion start? Before or
after you cut off Anakin’s legs and leave him as a smoldering wreck?
Sure he may be a bit of a nutjob, but you could at least throw a bucket
of water on him.
The person who comes to save him is The Emperor; sure, he may be
evil, but if it wasn’t for him then Anakin would have been left to die
and then in 20 years no one would throw the Emperor over the balcony on
the Death Star. The Emperor’s compassion for Anakin is ultimately his
own undoing.
Yoda himself even says he failed, so by the time Sith has ended they
have finally realised that it was their fault all along, but too late,
too late was the cry.
They were so blind to what was really going on that the Jedi
essentially ended up destroying themselves. If they had believed in
Anakin, he could have stopped Palpatine and the Jedi may have been
saved, as well as the Galaxy.
The funny thing is, it’s Anakin’s compassion for his son in Return of
the Jedi that turns him back to good side and he redeems himself with
the single action of destroying the Emperor.
So remember kids, next time you’re training someone and they get
pissy about becoming a Jedi master, just let them have it and save the
universe some hassle.


Without reading this and just reading the title,I say they deserve to fall cause many many many many times they fell over and over and over by the empire in the past and like they say history repeats itself and in the star wars universe that's no exception. What Luke built as the jedi again will soon fall in the new movies or in some book sooner or later.

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in fact it happened in Star Wars the Force awakens

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I agree yet disagree. I agree because you are right that the Jedi caused their own fall. My most hated Jedi is Mace Windu because of his arrogance he is more of a dark jedi then a legit Jedi. the fact that he is a Jedi master is just tragic. how could someone with so much arrogance ever end up a master? Additionally I think all the rules that the Jedi have are simply stupid. I like them because the alternative is so obviously evil. now the main reason I disagree is that Obiwan was sort of right to leave his friend. since Anakin was already dead. he was dead the moment he hurt Padme. what Obiwan left was a sith lord not a friend, however obiwan also failed to understand what Padme knew, that there was still a way to bring Anakin back. Luke managed to do just that. There have been some great Jedi like Luke, Obiwan, Revan, Kavar, Ashoka, Anakin, etc. but most of these thought out side box. they adapted instead of remaining the same. Revan chose to fight in the Mandalorian Wars even though the council strictly commanded not to. the Jedi Order was in a way right about choosing not to fight and Bastila and Carth argued about that in KotOR if I remember correctly. However if the Jedi Order supported Revan would Revan have actually fallen? so in a way them doing nothing caused Revan's fall. much like they caused Anakin's fall. although demanding to be a master wasn't a great move either since where Anakin thought he was ready the council did not. Anakin acted before thinking way to often. he also killed Count Dooku even though Dooku was defenseless. The most unjust thing that Mace did to Anakin was deny him the ability to go with him to fight Palpatine.

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Even though the main reason why Anakin was trained was to destroy the sith and bring balance to the force, Mace still though it best he sit out the fight. Another mistake that Mace did was not give Palpatine the right to a just trial the same thing happened with Ashoka. Barris was right about what was happening to the Jedi however her actions were terribly wrong. killing innocents (technicians died in that blast too) is no way of protesting. She should have brought her problem to Yoda. I still believe he is very reasonable, and he did barely anything to cause Anakin to hate the Jedi. When Anakin chopped Maces arm off I am rather certain that it was thanks to Palpatine force pushing Anakin's swing. Based on what I saw and how I think Anakin was thinking Anakin was most certainly aiming for Mace's blade. In general though the sith just know how to exploit and use the Jedi's flaws to their advantage. (yes I exceeded 2000 characters:D what can I say? I'm still a star wars nerd)

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The Jedi Order's problem is Yoda. No being can wield that kind of power for centuries without becoming complacent at best or corrupt at worst. He has no idea that it's overtaken him; he no longer sees all the little cumulative evils that the Republic tolerates and fosters, from slavery to endless wars, and he never asks, 'Why are we not acting to stop this?' Live alongside corruption for too long, and you no longer notice the stench."
―Count Dooku

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Making Mace Windu, Yoda, or Obi-wan the "reason" that the Force went about its genocidal campaign against the whole Jedi order seems a bit stretched to me. They didn't trust a clearly unstable person who turned around and proved how unstable he really was when he didn't get his way. This is crybaby morality. A huge galaxy is going to have a host of difficult problems and perhaps the Force letting genocidal maniacs take over for a while before teddy bears on Endor kick their ***** isn't exactly the most level headed thing to do...that is, unless the Force has its own issues.

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it's the Republic's fault they should have tried to negotiate with the separates and they should have tried to investigate into the dealing of counselor Palpatine during the second film and even the show it's also the Jedi's fault because they cannot allow marriage or even the acceptance of their own emotions everyone is at fault in some way in fact in Star Wars the Republic ignored slavery Republic dealt with slavery and actually made strong laws against it anakin would have never bin a slave which when you think about it goes into a reason why he has fear and pain which are two emotions reated to the dark side Of course it was Anakin's fault that he fell to the dark side, but the Council made a ton of mistakes in their handling of him which didn't help. When he was having premonitions about his mother, the best advice Obi-Wan had for him was "dreams pass in time." When he tells he's clearly being trouble Yoda basically does nothing. The Council saw a young man, an incredibly powerful young man in distress, and literally did nothing about it they played themselves

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