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M rated games are less original then t and below games

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M rated games are bad for business. There, I said it. The reason is, is that most gamers are under the age of 17, but play m rated games. Look at COD, I cant play mdub2 without having little sh/ts crying when they die. Gamers above the age of 17 are only interested in the desensitization of shooters, and linear I'm-on-a-rail games. Tell me ONE thing creative about BF3 (or BF4), Call of Dutythathasntbeengoodsince2008, or most other "best sellers."


If it aint broke don't fix it. Same goes for call of duty and battlefield. Battlefield and Call of duty have looked, felt and played the same for YEARS. QUITMAKINGGODDAMNSEQUELS. BF4 will look the same as BC2, and BF3, and cod ghosts will bring back the same stuff since 2010's mw3. Video games should be about quality over quantity. Some of the best games have only had 1 or no sequels, and there the most original and addictive. Game devs should add new content to the same game, and make quality games that will be played and improved upon for generations, such as MineCraft.


M rated games don't leave enough wiggle room for devs to improve and go above and beyond standard games and game making. Remember The Elder Scrolls arena? it was REVOLUTIONARY, it provided addictive, above solid gameplay with (then) gorgeous graphics, all on portable gaming platforms. AND made it Teen. Take the Lego(Trademark) video games for example. Absolutely revolutionary, you may not think it, but they are, combining hours of family and kid friendly video games with everyone's favorite plastic squares. I mean, who would COME UP WITH THAT IDEA ANYWAY? M rated games are SO standard. Blood and guts, violence, blow sh/t up, blow some more people up, kill some more people, massacre Russians at an airport, and la dee da. I see an m rated game and I can guess what is gonna be in it. Blood and Gore, Violence, Strong Language, Strong sexual content, Frequent/intense nudity, and so on.

What do you think would sell best? A game that no one has ever dared to make, a revolutionary gaming gem, or Call of Duty Ghosts?

Only time will tell.

Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has them and they STINK.

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true story.

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