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Even though everyone thinks this is my mod, it's not its Leafdragon's...

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Even though everyone thinks this is my mod, it's not its Leafdragon's, it stared when i was tring to make my portal mod (it's not on moddb or anywere) and he asked what was portal: jailbreak... so i said it a mod i'm working on... and he wanted to try to make his own mod originaly i was the start up guy setting him up... (though start up guy or guys remind me of Die Hard 4.0) And then i would leave and Leafdragon would find a team and it would be the end of it for me....
But i did'nt. (Like some other people on here i was suprise that their wasn't a mod like this on the web...
But this mod on here started a few weeks before we did
it prety much the same only it's based when gordon was in ravenholm and alyx was searching for her father....
But the fact is that it's dead for a sometime. I'm sad for him that he may/may_not finish his mod (lets hope he does one day)

If you read it. it talks about ous (LeafDragon and I) competing with him in the summary and comments...


Sad to know.

Luck to both of you.

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