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New map on CrossFire mod: BlockFort from Mario Kart 64!

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Far Kart

The fun factor is very important in CrossFire, so I recreated one of my favorite battle arenas from Mario Kart 64 in Far Cry with a bit of nostalgia for that good old game from my childhood.


Mario Kart 64

If you never played Mario Kart 64, it's a kart racing video game developed and published by Nintendo in 1996 for the Nintendo 64.

One of the multiplayer game modes is the Battle mode, it offers players to fight in arenas. BlockFort is one of the 4 arenas available in the game.

It's a perfectly symmetrical multi-level arena with three levels of platforms linked by ramps and bridges. The four blocks that make up the arena are color coded so you can see where your opponents are with a glance at their screen.

BlockFort - Original preview


BlockFort - Preview

The map has been completely recreated with special attention to detail in order to be as close as possible to the original map.

As you can see its structure is identical, and the original textures have been recreated with a much higher resolution (x16).

Original version (HD)

BlockFort - Original version

Far Cry version

BlockFort - FarCry version

Even if today it is no longer possible to look at the screen of your opponents, the blocks color code have been kept in order to stay as accurate as possible to the original map.

The Nintendo 64 version only allows 4 players while the Far Cry port of the map allows up to 8 players, which should be even more fun!

Obviously, the game rules are not exactly the same as in Mario Kart since the game modes available in Far Cry are quite different.

For the moment, the map is only available in Free For All and Team Death Match game modes. But a game mode similar to the Battle game mode available in Mario Kart will be added to CrossFIre in the future in order to fully enjoy this kind of maps.

Since it's supposed to be a vehicle-only map, there are no weapons available. Instead there are Buggies equipped with a Minigun right in front of each player respawn point.

These Buggies respawn after only a few seconds after they are destroyed or abandoned so that they are always available when a player respawns.

Player respawn point

Player respawn point

There are also 4 HUMVEEs available at the highest floor of each blocks. They have a machine gun and a rocket launcher but they don't respawn as quickly as the Buggies.

HUMVEE spawn point

HUMVEE spawn point

In this map the minimap is fully functional and you can see all objects on the map, not just the terrain.




Ramps to first floor

Ramps to first floor

First floor

First floor

First floor bridges

First floor bridges

Second floor

Second floor

Second floor bridges

Second floor bridges



In the future, other Mario Kart 64 arenas will be ported to Far Cry and a special game mode will be implemented to the mod. It should increase the fun factor of this already awesome game.

But for now the mod is still under development and a new update should be available soon for the beta testers.

So feel free to join our Discord server if you are interested to try the mod as a beta tester or just to stay tuned and enjoy exclusive content about its development.

We play almost every Saturday and all our games are broadcasted live on Twitch. Come check it out!






FarOutCry - - 237 comments

Funny edited screenshot. I saw some of the livestream of the map, looks nice man!

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D0nky Author
D0nky - - 20 comments

Haha thx ;)
Yeah the map is very fun!

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theavenger300 - - 20 comments

Yeah so may i ask when will farcry crossfire be out it has been years now ?

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D0nky Author
D0nky - - 20 comments

Can't say yet, such a project could still take several years to finish, if ever finished at all.

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