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A update as to the status of the TikiWiki project.

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There really should have been a few news posts between the last one and this one, but since there wasn't I will try to give a quick update.

The main production of TikiWiki came to a close March 27th, 2009. That is when our class ended and the students working on the project either graduated or began the final work on their portfolio... after a much needed 2 week break.

There are a few of us who continued work in our spare time on TikiWiki since March 27th in an attempt to improve it as much as possible for the Make Something Unreal contest Phase 3. Due to other classes and our portfolio work however the amount of time availible to spend on TikiWiki was very little. We graduate in June so our hope is to pick production back up then in an attempt to improve the mod for the Make Something Unreal contest Phase 4 submission.

Be sure to check out the videos section as there are 2 new videos there.
We have added about 14 new images to the images section so be sure to check those out as well.

Most importantly be sure to check out the downloads section! TikiWiki 1.2.6, the first public release, is availible for download!

Questions, comments, feedback, all of it is welcome!


Regner Blok-Andersen (ShadowComp)
Infinity+1 Technical Director


Too bad, but hopefully you'll find the time!

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