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Hey everyone :) i know most of you think that the game has died due to the lack of posts... well it was for a few weeks then i started back due to some issues with the law -__-... well now that i have covered all that i can now put this game back into action :)... i have a small story line that is ready for singplayer and a few cut sceens too... The only thing left to code at this point is actual game play... i have stated but i havnt got as far as i wanted to be at this time... Thank you trey

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Hellow every one :)

Lets get started on the list of things that i have coded and have made...

- Mp3 auto detection and play
- Animation code
- basic interface
- Kills, deaths, XP, and credits are coded... [so far XP is rank and credits are upgrades to your avitar!!]
- in main menu after clicking options it auto detects kills and deaths then devides the 2 and you get your ratio
- all sprites are coded in
- AI is almost done [planing] not coded

and countles lines of engine code is finished

right now im going to take my time and finish up the menu and interface for it to make the game have some style...

so far the AI is basic but it should be good enough...

Probles: :/

So far im faced with a problem... im not good with collision code so the problem with bullet collision is going to be a pain...

i have figured 2 solutions to this at the moment...

1. after R is trigered send trace line in direction facing...
2. using vectors...

im going to use 1 because 2 would cause the game to think allot.. ( if bullet is between 4 vectors hit has ben made...

think of it like this the bullet would be an image lets say 5 pixels tall and 10 wide... a vector is made at each side of the image... as the image travels from the spartain sprit the X and Y cordinats of the vectors are changing... in the bullets Xand Y cordinats are between the enimy vectors then hit... elseif no hit... but this would lag the game up as combat got harder... pluse the AI is always thinking so this would cause issues...

but yes the trace line will still use a form of the vectors but have allot less to think about... it just has to think about [direction,vector,enimy vector, if buttin is pressed, animation timers and reload counters]

but as i figure out the isues please dont say this game is dead :) i will tell you all when it dies but i dont think it will


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great spelling, never knew enimy was spelled like that :P

any way good to see this game lives :D

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