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Alpha 2010.12.20 is out and available. A new OpenGL based(SFML) rendered was added.

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Alpha 2010.12.20 is out and available here.
My notes about my progress are(Some are missing since I started taking them only on the 15th):

- Spartanize client visuals.

16.12.2010 - No game work, had to do some "real work"
- Start with canoe from config.txt
- Skip dialog with space, not while chatting.
- Update welcome message.

and until today (20.12.2010), I have been working on implementing SFML support.

SFML is a 2D media library based on OpenGL. So now you can use either DirectX
or OpenGL(SFML) for the rendering of the game. The reason I did this is because
there is no simple way for DirectX to support software rendering.
It will probably help in porting the game in the future(if I choose to do so).
Notice that on the 17th I have heard of SFML for the first time. 3 days later I already had my game render the graphics using SFML instead of DirectX(as an additional option). The reason I could implement the game to use SFML so quickly is because I made a good abstraction of the graphics.
I won't add details about it, because it's something more relevant to programmers, but if you want to ask me about it, I will be glad to get your PM.

Main menu in Alpha 2010.12.9

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