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WWII mod is still there(duh..), mainly thanks to the people who support it. The ModDB page of WWII wasn't updated for about a year and I noticed people visit this site, so I don't want them to see the old stuff which is less awesome that what's going on now.

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Hey world!

No, WWII mod isn't dead. Still here.
Its 2010, Tribes is somehow still alive and we are now a known server and mod.
There are several projects going on right now regarding WWII so I want you to know about them.
First there is a single-player edition to WWII Tribes which is being created right now.
A sneak peak to what the single player looks like can be found in at the link above.
Hopefully, a nice set of missions will be created, there will be no continuous storyline between missions, just one for each mission, where the main goal is testing/giving you the skills you need to play awesome at WWII. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the year 2010, when a nice CD image
with Tribes on it, WWII mod built-in with client pack and everything - as an entirely new game, will be let out for free download.

Smartbot project was stopped for ever mainly due to it being a huge project and it would not bring too much good to the mod. So it's not worth it. Time goes on and we must make the best of it.

There is a constant and a durable Israeli server of WWII running for you all.
It is hosted by BFW Kotaros and you are welcome to play there.

WWII Client Script v1.3 will be released this year too, providing even more awesome functionality
for WWII players. Due to its complexity I suggest you make a new Tribes folder where you will install it, mainly for playing WWII.

The website will be renewed again soon, where player stats and rankings (the new uber system) will kick in. It's going to be great!

That's mostly it, thank you for visiting this page and have fun playing WWII.

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