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What's Going On? A loot of changes in the game!

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Whats Going On:

I stop posting but I never stop working on the game. I was busy with another things, so I decide to stop posting the progress to save some time.

I change the stile of the tilesets at least 4 time, I try to implement a isometric point of view but it was a mess to make new levels, and also create some "depth" conflicts with the electric shield powerup. So i decide to make a slightly top view of the platforms.

Some Improvements:

  • New Tilesets with a top view for all levels.
  • Now there are 3 layers of background with horizontal and vertical movement according to the character position on the level giving a sense of depth.
  • New common enemy, the gray cat, they can jump small obstacles and jump in the edge of platforms.
  • New movement system, with collision with the second player, push, jump in the head, etc, to make a more fun coop experience. Also clip free perfect collision with solid objects.
  • Moving Platforms.
  • Moving and static circular cuting saws, all sises.
  • New and improve game menu.
  • New Human Interface Display with slot for the four power ups from bosses.
  • The first Big Boss.
  • Minor Bugs Fixing.
  • New Power, wallslash and walljump.
  • Old power, rotate.
  • Xbox Controller Support with rumble functions.
  • A loot more.

To Come:

  • Multilingual System.
  • 2 more powers to come.
  • In game store where to trade golden bones for life or dog clothes.
  • Video Introduction
  • Demo Levels layout.

Your Comments are Welcome! :D

Screenshots :

foto 0

foto 2

foto 4

foto 9

foto 10

foto 6

foto 11

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