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What is going to be added to the mod in the next release ? Check it out !

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Version 2.01 has been released few time ago, but it's already time to reveal what's comming in the next patch !

1. Increased utility of the crafting system
Players will be able to craft their own set items, to help them to complete the sets they may have found while playing. This will allow them to use unwanted set items to transform them into more usefull ones. Let's say you have found 2 items from set A, and one from set B. unfortunately, set B is not usefull for you, but set A is. You will be able to salvage the item from set B, and with the crafting material you get, you will be able to craft an item of your choice from set A. This will be very usefull when you only miss one item from a set to complete it. Also, the main reason of this change is to make a purpose to complete sets. As you may know, in most case once you finally complete a set, it is too weak for you in the unmodded game. This new way to aquire set items is here to help fix this issue.

2. Improvement of the artefacts
Artefacts have been improved in two ways : Firsts, they got some change to theirs stats, and some of thems also get one more added magic properties (They now all have 5 properties, plus the bonus one). Second, the random bonus they may get have been changed. They now chose a bonus in a pool of 30 possibles ones (with various chances to apear), including some that were not able before. As there is only lesser artefacts in the game currently, they have all the sames chances to get the sames bonuses, but later, once greaters and divine artefacts will be added, theses ones will have a different pool of bonus. An other change have been made to the system : Mystic formula will now drop in specific acts. The more you progress, the more the artefact you will be able to craft will be powerfull. Also, items needed to craft tha artefacts are based on what can drop in the act the recipe is allowed to drop. In other words, when you found a mystic formula, that mean all you need to do the formula can be droped in the act you'r in.

3. News magic properties
7 news magic properties will be added to the game. If you have ideas for more, you can submit thems, and I may add them if possible. The new magic properties that are going to be added are : +x% damage vs veterans monsters, +x% damage vs champions monsters, +x% damage vs elites monsters ,+x% attack rating vs veterans monsters ,+x% attack rating vs champions monsters, +x% attack rating vs elites monsters and Reduce cooldown on all skills by x%. The last one (reduce cooldown) can only appear on specifics items, and as completed set item bonuses.

4. News runewords using runes that drop in act 2
You will be able to make whole new runewords that need some of the runes you can drop on act 2. As in act 1, you will be able to found Runic scrolls that will allow you to learn theses new runewords. Theses runic scrolls will only drop in act 2 (like the ones in act 1 that only drop there)

5. Continuation of improvements to act 2
Like it had be said in the previous update, futher improvements will be done to act 2, including more variations to the first half the the outdoors area, the introduction of 2 optional areas with a boss in each, and the souls and unique items related to theses boss. Theses 2 area will use a tile set never used in the mod until now.

You can check the topic on The Phrozen Keep to see how close this patch is to be released, as well as a complete list of all changes. Oh, and as a last note... once this patch will be released, it will be time to work on act 3 !


O.o Looking good.. this just might be my favorite mod i have been playing this year.. well.. at least one of my top 5 mods this year :D

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