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An update on whats to come the comming months. from ships to Galaxy charts and much more

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Whats coming out the next two months.

1. Ships

In the next couple of weeks a long overdue release is coming. This includes new updated ships and models and ALLOT of new ships.
The federation ships will be expanded with some new variants on know ships like the galaxy and nebula class. New ships will also be on the scene such as the Saber class, this ship in particular is a small destroyer wich isnt very good on its own against a big ship but when in a wolfpack can take on ships 4 times its size.

New races will also show themselves with the cardassians and the Dominion taking a peak. These races will be balanced accordingly. All will have numerous ships difering in size and power from the Tiny bugships and hidekis to galors and jem hadar dreadnaughts.

New sounds and effects for weapons have been added to make it more canon like in the show, this includes a new Type 6 Photon the yellow fast torpedo from voyager and the Type 5 torpedo from the TNG Show. Phasers also now sound like in first contact completly enhanced and remixed to create a crystal clear effect for both the chargeup and the loop.

2. Galaxy Charts/Star Systems

After some messing around with it I decided to make this mod fully functional with the veyr know Galaxy Class Mod 2.0. With this mod a percistant universe is added and that enhances the gameplay in a way never though possible for BC.

With Aftermath galaxy charts will be expanded as never done before. We now have a base template on wich I can pop out star systems in such a short time that the Galaxy can be filled in a matter of weeks. This includes the already released Arnhemia systems but will also include the new systems like: Gamma-536. Kre'tra, T'liss and Vrexa.

With many more to come each system will be stylized and unique for the race that owns it meaning romulans get a very dark green light surrounding their systems and klingons a deep red. This stylizing will add to the atmosphere when playing the game.

Each race will also have their respective starbases and other structures to accomadate the ever growing fleets that you will command.

I hope you will be looking forward to playing the next addons.



sweet i cant wait

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