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What is going to be added to the mod in the next release ? Check it out !

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This year is almost done, and a new one is comming. Lot have been done to make the mod better and better. But that's not over ! Here is what is awaiting you for the next update that will be released soon :

1. Improved gold system
It's sometimes boring to have to pickup all the gold on the ground... but that's not needed anymore ! Now, gold is automatically added in your inventory when you kill monsters. Also, the quantity of gold you may get and the chances for you to get any gold increases with the monster level as well as it's rank (normal, veteran, chanmpion or elite). But beware ! Do not die with gold on you, or you will lost all of it. Put it in your stash, it will be safe there.

2. A new rarity of items : Enchantable items
Did you ever wanted to be able to make the items with the bonuses you want ? If yes, then you will be happy ! Enchantable items are a new quality of items that come with no bonus when you drop thems, but can be enchanted a certain number of time (3 most of the time, sometimes 6). Each time you enchant an item, you can add to it the bonus you want. To enchant an item, you will need to collect reagents all around the world. You then combine a reagent with the item, and voila ! Your item gain the bonus that was on the reagent.

Enchantable items Enchantable items Reagents

3. Skill changes
There will be 2 big changes to skills : First, as of now, some skill can be spammed and deal an incredible amount of damage due of this. Many skill that lack a recharge timer will now have a small one (but remember you can reduce it with items than reduce cooldowns). This should help to balance the game. Some skills may get a boost to compensate. Second, general balance will be done so that the weapon damage are more usefull. Monsters will have less life, but you'r mastery bonus will be greatly reduced. That mean that the damage of your weapon will be more important than before.

4. Hireling changes
As of now, hireling aren't really effective. They are going to get new skills in this update, and will deal more damage. They will also gain some passive skills while leveling up. Lastly, they are going to move faster, so they will always follow you correctly. The last thing is also true for minions skills.


5. Specialities rework
The way specialities act as of now are good, but not as good as it could be. The whole system will be reworked to give the player a new experience. The bonus will be more of what passive skills are in diablo III. For exemple, one speciality will increase the duration of all your enchantments and will improve their efficacity. An other one will increase the number of minions you can summon. That's only exemples, and there will be 44 specialities in total.

New specialities system Specialities Specialities

6. Boss battles rework
End act boss battles will be improved, to make them more interessting. Bosses will have new powers and will be more intelligent and aggressives toward you. You have been warned!

You can check the topic on The Phrozen Keep to see how close this patch is to be released, as well as a complete list of all changes.

Please note : You will have to start news characters after installing this update. Previous ones will not be compatible.

S_C_A_R - - 146 comments

I'd say leave the improvements for later and complete ALL ACTS first so that gameplay can go to the next difficulty.

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Xaphan67 Author
Xaphan67 - - 156 comments

Don't worry, this update do not delay act 3, it's actually just the same update that I splitted into 2, so you have the first part now and the 2nd one once act 3 is ready, instead of having to wait more weeks while everything done on my side but act 3.

Also, acts should come faster once act 3 is done cause most of the features I wanted to add in the mod will be done.

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