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Hi Luke here, I just want to know what you guys want in my game and I also want you guys to tell me which engine would suit the game the best!

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Hello Agents,
Today your mission is to tell me
-What we should include in the game?
-What engine would be best for our project?

Please answer in the comments. Other than that we are looking for
-Concept Artists
-Weapons Designers
-Vehicle Designers
-Map Designers
-Story Writers

If you would like to help please comment! 5NE will take anyone on board. We hope you all like the sound of the game itself and hope you will enjoy playing it!
& now to reveal the multiplayer preset classes:
-Assassin: Stealth Class with very high tech gadgetery! The Assassin can not be detected by Spy Drones.
-Marksman: The Marksman class uses basic Machine Guns & Grenades! The Marksman can carry multiple grenades.
-Sniper: The Sniper class uses Snipers & Knives! The Sniper can hide when they use the Ghillie Suit and then they are invisible to Spy Drones.
-Heavy Weaponry: The Heavy Weaponry class uses Rocket Launchers & Powerful Explosives! The Heavy Weaponry can use a Flak Jacket to take 30% less damage from Bullets.
-Mechanic: The Mechanic class uses a Repair Drill and C4s! The Mechanic can repair any vehicle when they use the Drill on it, the Drill can also be used as a weapon.

Plus the player can use 5 custom class slots!

powercramp - - 1,005 comments

I think you should include a "squad and commander" system, maybe similiar to the one in the Battlefield games. Also you should try to make the maps with a good variety of sizes; I hate it when too many people are on a little map and when too few are on a big one.
I like the classes, but I hope that the sniper can get a pistol too.

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blackdragonstory - - 1,796 comments

Maybe you should try to make a mod cuz who will model your first you can go without player(model) for singleplayer...but in multiplayer you would need to make character :D
But if you find some good modelers/programmers/animators you are good to go and you can make a game :D
You asked for our opinions :)
But whatever you make you have my full support :D
I have seen a lot of members modeling guns soo it wont be hard to find a modeler :)

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