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A brief list of what we have left to do before releasing Left 4 Quake beta.

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I figured you guys are a bit out of the loop, so I decided I'd let you in. What we need finished is a rather short list really;


KEY: M=Model T=Texture A=Animate C=Code
Special Infected: MTAC (We may not include SI)
Guns: A whole slew of guns need to be MTAC.
Common Infected: TC (We need to cleanup and recreate textures as well as add new ones for variety, then clean up the code.)


KEY: C=Create T=Texture O=Optimize
Level 1: TO
Level 2: CTO
Level 3: CTO
Level 4: CTO
Level 5: CTO
Level 6: CTO
Level 7: CTO
Level 8: CTO
Level 9: CTO


KEY: C=Cast R=Record
Zombies: R
Guns: CR
Ambiance Music: R
Player Dialog: R

Basically we can finish this in a good 2-4 months. I will upkeep this list as things are completed/removed.

If you feel like you have the ability to help us create and finish what's needed, you can message me using moddb's integrated PM system.

Thanks for reading =]


Quite a lot.

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Ribcaged Author

Seems like it, but we can easily get it done in the given time.

As you can see, the biggest thing setting us back is textures.

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Can i have Alpha? reason

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That sounds smart, give away your alpha to some stranger.

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Ribcaged Author

We'll get it done, it's all a matter of time.

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good work guys ! keep on it ;D

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!!! We need a texture artist !!!

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