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We have noticed that we didn´t inform you about a few things that happened so far: like releasing the game in Czech language. Here they are...

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We have released the game in the Czech Republic in Czech language in July. It was
fascinating. We never did something like this so it was also new experience for
both of us (Ikkju and Likandro).

You may probably ask: “How is it going with the reviews, etc.?” It is actually pretty
good. On the average we have received beautiful score of 7/10. Minimum was 60%
from the person who was even unable to switch to fullscreen. Let´s say the game
wasn´t his cup of tea. Two were 7/10. One was 75%. Maximum was 77%.

What are reviewers saying? “[Cubesis has] beautiful and suitable pixelart graphics. Music certainly
doesn´t make any shame. Game elements are thoughtful and they work really well ...

What reviewers don´t like? In their opinion the game is a bit short, which means it
doesn´t show all of its potential. Some of them had problems with readability of
the elements when you build a larger civilisation. And a few minor issues like impossibility
to turn off monk´s sounds.

We have known some of these issues even before they have told us about them.
Unfortunately we haven´t got any more energy to work on a game, so we released
it in our country a bit “unrefined”.

And why I am writing it? This will be good thing for you. We are fixing all the issues
that were mentioned so the game would be even better than 7 out of 10. Or to be
honest the main part of the issues is fixed already. We are now working on the
levels. We have made 6 brand new levels so far with quests that weren´t seen (in
our game) yet. We even added few more features. We have found translator who is
now translating the game and he has finished half of it so far. There is still
a lot of work – Likandro wants to add like ten more levels, sixteen in total - and
we have some issues with Game Maker: Studio, which tie our hands a little. We
probably won´t finish the game before IGF, which means we will have to post it
as “work in progress”. (I hope it is still possible to post an unfinished

But what I am trying to say is that we are working on it and we are doing everything to
create game that will be great.

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