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you guys are also missing out on a download containing all of Waseem's Songs but these are more my attempt to placate the testers till the alpha is actually out :P

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Interesting places in the New Dawn universe (A copy of the article posted on the group page New Dawn Alpha testers, I have written both articles and am using the article here as a demonstration of an identical article located on a private group.)

The new Eldar Homeworld Name - Domicium

Location - Vetus system

Region - Ora Tenebris

Orbiting an old yellow dwarf star situated upon the very edge of the galaxy is the new Eldar homeworld Domicium. Colonized shortly before the Fall this world of ice and snow was originally called Vigil due to its location near the edge of the galaxy looking out at the great darkness beyond, and was a research outpost of little note, studying one of the few habitable planets this far out, colonized under the assumption that the Eldar would remain in power for many thousand of years to come. This was not to be however, the Eldar empire collapsed and the icy world was chosen, as a place for the last of the Eldar to begin a new once they awoke from their slumber. Located on the opposite side of the galaxy from the Eldar resting place, (so that if it was discovered, the last of the Eldar would not be destroyed with it) the world was renamed Domicium after their original birth place, which lay in ruins lifeless and empty. Great cities where built beneath the ice capable of housing many millions of Eldar, shielded from watchful eyes and persevered from the elements for as long as the ice remained. Despite all their efforts the delayed reawakening of the Eldar has taken its toll upon the once magnificent constructions. Over the many thousands of years the ice has melted and great forests now populate the surface, filled with the sound of wildlife. Nature has enveloped the cities vines cling to the sides of buildings, wildlife scurries through the ancient halls unaware of the meaning of that which surrounds them, the cities have, over time, simply become part of the environment, a part that is slowly being consumed by time. When the Eldar finally arrived they found their cities overgrown and partially buried, many where little more than ruins some having been completely destroyed. They walked through the halls of Urbem Memoriae the first city that the Eldar recovered, their footsteps echoing all around them. As they walked the sleeping monolith began to awaken, light flooded the long corridor, still enduring after all this time. Portions of the city had been breached and had become overgrown; wildlife fleeing in terror as their home suddenly took offense to their presence. It was at this moment the Eldar finally realizing not just how long it had been since they had entered the slumber, but also realizing just how little time had mourned their passing. With the city now a beacon of light the Eldar began the long process of rebuilding. Today many of the cities are once again active if still overgrown, with most the cities being partially buried excavations are underway in the hopes of finding out more about their past. (Eldar have suffered memory lose due to extreme long term hibernation)


Nice, it's looking good so far,

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mangosofdoom Author

thankyou I like to write stuff like this :P

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He Sure does.

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