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Why do most roleplaying games these days have to be so dreadfully serious?

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Have you played any big commercial RPG's lately? Name one that made you really smile. Or surprised you. I have nothing against a game's plot being epic and cool, and involving the world ending. You've got to have some of that in a roleplaying game. But why do most roleplaying games these days have to be so dreadfully serious about it? Are they trying so hard to be cool and mysterious, they forget to be fun?

When you're exploring a dungeon in Driftmoon, you don't do that just to level up, or for the loot, you do it because of all the fun you're going to have in that dungeon. You never know what you might find. With Driftmoon we wanted to make a game that keeps surprising the player. We wanted the game to be good-hearted and warm. A game that makes you smile. That's a huge goal, but I think we've done pretty well so far. :)

A few new screenshots. See more here.

Here are a couple of comments we've received for the latest alpha (these are from our last newsletter), in case you haven't seen them already:

  • "I pre-ordered yesterday after seeing this vid, and my Level 8 character is currently hacking monsters to bits with my trusty Hoe of Doom. For a game that is supposedly in alpha, it’s extremely polished. I’m impressed. It’s been great fun so far, and I highly recommend it."
  • "AWESOME = My description"
  • "Started playing, and I really liked it. Nicely done, the dialogues are not too long, the story is interesting and there are quite a few things I missed the first time playing it, just because I was too hasty. (and you did read a lot of terry pratchett books imho... )"
  • "I freakin’ love this topdown camera style. Reminds me of 90s titles like Blood Omen. Sniff."
  • "Just bought the game and finished, let me just say I loved it."
  • "This looks great. I actually quite like the top-down perspective – the graphics style is strong and clear, and I think the perspective will make interacting with mouse much easier. No need to rotate the camera to select obscured objects."
  • "The quests/puzzles are fun, plenty to explore and find..."
  • "Driftmoon has intelligent and complex Gameplay-Mechanisms. But above all it has Atmosphere."
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