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I am here to explain why I stopped working on this mod and why I uploaded to moddb.

Well, the second reason is quite simple: while I was working on my mod I learned a lot (I think more than the Lord Charus, developer of burning hearths himself), and while I was quitting (well 6 months after I stopped working I decided to upload this.... exactly 2 months but development was going really slow after I quited).

So I though: There's people trying to make a mod (or want to make one)! And theres people already working on a mod so there's hype! ( ), which is almost going dead by the way :c (lol russian , why the same thing had to happen to conversion :/ ), so I am going to share all I know while making my mod. And upload the source files (common, every dead mod should do this, it's a signal of respect to those who followed it).

Now the reason I cancelled it...

The plot was this: you were hisao. You were poisoned by a boy (who do you think was a girl) that you abandoned (or something) on Dota 2. Them you go to the hospital and, when you go to the Yamaku school it's very different.

Well first the route system. Before I talk about the routes I want to talk about the plot:

It's a new universe where Feminists does exist, and if you go on Kenji route (yes, there is indeed a Kenji route) you would force him (on the start) to not believe on feminists, and he believed on you.

Now the Kenji route would be very code-like: There would be 3 sub routes, one for rin and emi, one for lilly and hanako and one for misha and shizune (you can probably guess why why 2 group of girls for each...)

The first on every route there would be a option to fuck up, thats if you select to not listen to the girl (giving advice to say sorry to Kenji or etc), because if you do the opposite hisao decides to leave the school and it's game over.

There also would be a new character, that red-haired girl. Kenji route was going to be a bit about her and the sub route girl, but you must choose.

About the main routes

Lilly was part of the Russia mafia, so if you somehow manage to get a (harsh) fight between Shizune (The samurais, I don't remember corretly. But both familys hate each other) and Lilly it's the end of the world.

Hanako story would be that she just went from another universe into this one, because her village was having fire and she is secretly a fox spirit. (Yep, this was a Sakura Spirit crossover. Unfortunate, there would be also a part were.... idk machiko's friend [forgot the name] accidentaly got into their universe again).

Emi (Sorry if I mistaken with Rin) would be more dramatic story, the only reason she runs is to forget her dad and he psycologicaly needs help. Erm not really she just need someone or her left side.

Rin was illuminati

Misha and Shizune secretly wanted to control the school, but Shizune even more secretly wanted to control the entire planet.

The problem with this story it would perfectly fit with my mod (kinda). The only problem was: would people take it serious? I mean common! They would call this Tumblr: Episode 3 (¬¬). My mod would have super care.

But there were 3 other problems with this mod

1. The plot was horrible

2. Yuuko and Kenji were TOTALLY out of their personality

3. The mod was too Harsh

1 - With all these events, of course looking back now the story would've been sounded horrible.

2 - Yuuko was secretly an spy, and she knew about the feminist thing and only did that "thing" with Kenji to try and protect him from herself, which in turn turned to be worst and believe in the cause she was trying to hide.

The problem with that is that when Hisao talked to her (since she knew who she really was) she would be too blank on emotions, only another person coming to the same room to animate her.

And Kenji was like "Ok, I'll stop" on the moment Hisao asks him to stop this feminist thing. And wtf? This isn't Kenji personality! There would be no way to remove this from his brain, so as there would be either no sense or no story.

3 - After some moments I saw I made Hisao too harsh with Kenji (the main point of the mod), he screamed, got angry at him sometimes and it wasn't like on the roof where Kenji yelled at you. It was worst.

But them.... to the good news!

I'm going to use this page to do some things about KS

  • A super detailed tutorial on how to mod KS, including everything from lines to new routes.
  • The Katawa Shoujo GRID1 version, not avaible anywhere.
  • The Katawa Shoujo Pre-Alpha Leaked version, if you want to get the lastest and updated click here (the only thing I like about the leaked pre-alph ais the music)
  • And as a bonus here is a link to the open source version of KS: click me (unfortunate the guy who had a playlist with the link made the videos private, so just stick with the KS Burning Hearths Open Source version)

Tutorials will be coming soon! Patience!

dat moddb image though....

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