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Max Nukem is a conversion mod that brings some of the contents from Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project to Max Payne. You will get to experience Max Payne's journey again, except this time you are Duke Nukem, and your enemies are alien freaks and cyborgs.

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Max Nukem was known as Duke Nukem mod, it was briefly hosted on L4Y's Max Payne forums before L4Y was shut down, back then my alias was badboy_zay. The reason why I didn't make the mod available for the public was because 3D Realms used to have copyright issues when it comes to modding. L4Y's death means Duke Nukem mod was also unavailable to download too, so after long considering, I've decided to publish my work here instead of letting it vanish into oblivion. All the model and texture assets from this mod were taken from Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, so all credit belong to Sunstorm Interactive which developed DN:MP. This is a free mod, I made it for fun and want to share it with people, I don't plan to monetize it and no one should too.

It's a pretty simple conversion mod, similar to Max Freeman (and inspired by it), most enemy and sound were carefully replaced, some minor gameplay changes were made but nothing too drastically or new. I had to make sure that Duke Nukem's sounds fit with the situation and the enemy's variety too, thanks to the rich assets of DN:MP, I've managed to spice up the enemy's variety a lot, most of them are usually the same model but with different textures and model parts. Sadly, this mod was made long ago, I don't plan to support it further, but it's very playable and I can guarantee it will give you good times. My only disappointment is that I didn't manage to convert the weapons and add some new stuff in, which were not possible for me to do back then because I had issues with the modding tools.

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