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Get to know more about the new game Flat Out Hockey. Flat Out Hockey is in alpha but already consist of playable content.

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What is Flat Out Hockey?

Flat Out Hockey is a curious little field hockey game.

It is kind of like Air Hockey games for mobile but instead of just moving your mallets with your fingers you control a player and have a stick you can swing left, right and reflect with.

Flat Out Hockey is in alpha so more features will be added in the close future but in it's current state you can either play against the AI with ranked matches(tracks score on GameCircle) or you can play against a friend if you know how to setup your network and connect via IP.


Flat Out Hockey is now available on Google Play, Amazon and OUYA.

Here are the links:

Google Play



What are the future plans for Flat Out Hockey?

I would like to have more player characters to choose from. More notably also female players(currently there are 4 male characters to choose from).

I would like to have tournament vs the AI and tournament vs friends.

I would like to have more fields or areas to choose from, some with obstacles in the field.

Perhaps power ups could make it more interesting. Kind of like breakout.

My original plan was to make it more of a multiplayer game you can play against a friend in the same room, but I am annoyed there is no easy way to connect p2p with two phones. Without having to set up a local network and etc outside the game.

Maybe career mode, and make characters attributes instead of just being different visually.

As always I would love to hear your feedback and what you think of this game.

You can also email me on support at pompipompi dotc net

Thank you,


p.s. Oy

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