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What is ColorCode, and what we will be doing next.

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Hello Everybody, my name is Zak kennedy and I am the creator of ColorCode. ColorCode is a 2D action arcade game that will have you matching up colors in a new interesting and exciting way. The main components of the game are the player (the objects on the right of the screen that rotates), the Enemy Gun (Left side of the screen that shoots the colors at you) and the Colors being shot (those things that get shot across the screen). here is a video demonstrating this:

ColorCode is currently in the "Heavy Development Alpha 7 Stage" as we call it, but we plan on releasing a simple demo of it hopefully by next week. We also are hoping to add many features to the full game that could mean the additions of: Xbox Controller support, multiple difficulties (along with the progressively increasing difficulty), Persistent settings (first we need to add basic settings), and maybe even, well, we will figure more stuff out as we see fit.

Zak Kennedy


looks interesting, needs more variety in the colors coming towards you and how the points build up. perhaps half-tones like orange and purple, where you catch them between the correct color nodes, or have the color nodes build up each color, and launch something when the node has 10 of that color built up.. good arcady start though!

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kennedyzak Author

The Variety of colors will be based off of difficulty. So the video you say would be normal, hard would have 5 and Extreame would have 6, and Easy would have 3. I do like the idea of building up the color nodes and i may add it (maybe it will slow down the shoot time?).

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