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Hey there! We are back, and we are here for summarize our last month.

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Project Resurrection med

Hey there guys! Just a fast summarizing... Today, Project Resurrection got It's own license and a new gameplay, and we got a website too! Check out it now!

So... If you have time, watch this gameplay, It's about an hour to watch... By the way, the project isn't "dead". It just had a break, we will continue the developing and there will be a lot of new updates, but right now, I would like to get more follower, and I have financial problems now, so please check out how you can help, HERE. Thank you.

We've got a lot of feedbacks about V1.3.3 , from the Installer bugs to the tiniest shadow bugs. So thanks... We fixed almost all of them, so you won't experience them again. Changelog didn't get any update, but It will.

Thank you for following, and of course:

Have a Frozen Day

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