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We have already made playable prototype of Spycon. Currently we are working on final version of Spycon which are planning to release on PC/Android tablets/iPad/Mac and Windows8.

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Spycon is a tycoon style game where you play as the Head of a secret government organization. Your career starts in 1980. Your task is to provide security of your country and people. In the current version of Spycon you can hire and train your agents, take care of them and send them on various dangerous missions, including rescuing important people, destroying terrorist cells, being undercover, helping celebrities, etc. You can buy equipment for your base and also expand it. Your secret base features for example a shooting range, a gym, an infirmary, a big office and many other things. To be successful you have to make your choices in the game wisely because your every step affects SSF (super-secret-factor), which shows how good you are at spy work. SSF can be increased by mission success, skills of the agents or making progress. SSF influences the amount of money you get from the government – the higher it is the more money you get and money is essential to run your organization. All of that is wrapped in beautiful old-school styled isometric graphics with hand drawn textures.
In the final version of the game we are planning to add things like:

  • Lots of new rooms and extensions (research lab, intelligence department, interrogation room, prison, garage for transport vehicles and much more)
  • Balancing the relationship between the public and the government - For example: you can bug mobile phones of people in your state to get information about aterrorist group or illegal importation of weapons. This information will bring you money from government for future running of your organization, but if people discover that you have been listening to their phone calls, they can start demonstrating or stop cooperating with you etc.
  • Multiphase missions – For example: Somebody in your intelligence department discovers a man who is the member of a terrorist group. The first step is to find the man and bring him to your base. After that you try to get information about the plans and location of the terrorist group. If you are successful you can send an agent to take the terrorist group down.
  • Plenty of new animation for natural behavior of agents and other characters in the game.
  • Various specializations of agents (bomb defusing, fieldwork, data gathering…)
  • Mood of agents
  • Time evolution –equipment changes with time.
  • Research and future development of equipment for missions
  • Events and achievements
  • The world map where you can see the location of your agents
  • The possibility to build save houses for agents if they are working abroad
  • Minigames
  • And much more!
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