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I'll be showing you all what my next map project is.

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Let's say I'm not completely done with 1940 France...

Hello and welcome, as the title reads my next SP map project is indeed the Dunkirk evacuation. You will play as a British soldier looking to escape the beaches as well as evading enemy stuka and artillery attacks. You must use your friendly soldiers to help guide you to the exit. To learn more about the project click the link below. I'll be posting updates of the map there so stay tuned.

Here are some pictures of the map so far:




ATTENTION: if you want to help speed progress of the map, I would greatly use some custom prefabs of Belgian-style buildings and shipping boats. More information about what I'm looking for is on the Modsonline link. If you're interested in helping, feel free to PM me and I'll provide some reference images of what I'm looking for. Thanks!

Deathblade100 - - 936 comments

Good luck. If you've played Day of Infamy by New World Interactive, you should look at the design of the Dunkirk map for ideas.

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SPi-99 - - 783 comments

Hmm good, let's hope it will turn out alright.

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MCh2207Cz - - 2,073 comments

good idea! i agree that nolan's dunkirk is truly an original movie. i guess it's still a warmovie but it's different. i also liked that he portraited the french soldiers as the ones who defended the area so british troops could escape.

anyway, if i cut myself some free time from HCTM and stonne frenchy stuff i can look at some boat models. btw do you wanna a custom decal made from the 'we surround you' poster? or more poster stuff if you have some more.

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rr016 Author
rr016 - - 124 comments

I'd love some boats and poster decals! The "We Surround You" is such a simple yet important poster to describe the situation for the allies...

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Deathblade100 - - 936 comments

If you're making it so you're heading to the beach to escape, maybe include some of the French defences like sandbag barricades and MG nests.

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mates999ful - - 73 comments

Awesome! Can't wait

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War_Crimes - - 408 comments

nice map, my father in laws uncle was killed there by a stuka.

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Melfius1 - - 976 comments


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Puregame - - 4 comments

so how far are you with this?
any progress update?

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