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Hello everyone, here's an update on what I've been working on recently.

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Whack's Development Log #5

More Jutsus & PvP

Hello everyone, here's an update on what I've been working on recently.

Most importantly is Jutsus. In the last dev log, I spoke about Hiding & Concealment Jutsus. Hiding jutsus will make your player invisible to other players, while concealment jutsus will hide your identity. This means that they can see you, but they won't know who you are, unless they remember what you looked like. Concealment jutsus will last much much longer than hiding jutsus will. The ability to see a player using a hiding jutsu will be determined based on their chakra stat, and the hidden players intellect.

Here are the newest Jutsus.

  1. Cloning
  2. Kawarimi
  3. Elemental-based weapon speed/damage bonus
  4. Stun
  5. Animated projectiles

    These jutsus require lots of testing, which has been done by Rory and I. In the next alpha, these spells will be used by players so that we can test for bugs and other errors. We have tested these in PvP, and on players.

    Cloning Jutsu

    Cloning Jutsus are used to distract and confuse other players. These jutsus do not last very long, and are buff (time) based. When used, a number of clones based on your jutsu's ability will appear around your player, which looks exactly like you in every way, shape, and form.

    Kawarimi Jutsu

    Kawarimi Jutsu, when used, will make you appear behind your attacker when they attack you next. If they shoot you with an arrow or fireball from 10 tiles away, you will suddenly appear behind them to fight back by surprise.

    Elemental based bonuses

    These jutsus will charge your weapon with electricity, fire, or other elements to increase the damage you will do to opponents.

    Stun Jutsu

    This type of jutsu will stun your player for a small amount of time, allowing you to get the upper hand and gain some time to cast a more powerful jutsu, or attack them without them attacking back.

    Animated Projectiles

    Thanks to Keezus, we now have animated projectiles for things such as fireballs, including starting up animations, as well as fading away animations and a collision animation. Animated projectiles are also now pixel based, which makes gameplay look much smoother.

    And here is a video of the Jutsus in action (remember, this was to test for bugs!):

    Also, kickback is now pixel based, which will make gameplay smoother as well. I am also working on kickback for PvP. I have also been working on many server side improvements and fixes.

    Anyways, I have to go now. So thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed the video!

    Regards, Whack

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