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First and foremost, there hasn't been many updates on news simply because I've been waiting on a new computer. Developing on a mac-mini is starting to take its toll, specially with the ambitious project with the procedural world generation. Unfortunately, while all my parts came in a few days ago for my PC, my motherboard was shipped with a bad socket pin (a missing one in fact! So bending it back was out of the question). A new motherboard is already being sent and hopefully I can get my dream-machine started soon.

Secondly, I'd like to welcome Holliwould to the team. A talented musician and composer, he will be handling most of the sound-design, music, etc. He's also versatile with code and will be making things much easier on me.

Lastly, I've taken the time to upload 6 new screenshots with the latest development of the procedural world generator. Sadly not as much has been done as I would have liked, but getting the city and town placement system down has given me more momentum. Expect more updates in the following days.

City and Town Generator

More screenshots here

Things I'm working on:
1. Name generator for the cities and towns. I want to add a little bit of logic, add "harbour" to the end of a town name for being near the coast, perhaps "oasis" for desert themed towns, etc.

2. Randomly generated city/town parameters. I'd like to give each generated town and city a bit of personality by adding a population count, even go as far as demographics, cultural diets, politics, etc. That will take a lot of work so initially I may not do all that, but perhaps start on the basics and do more later.

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