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Welcome to the project, learn what we have in store.

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Hi there,

Welcome to our project.

At first this project was started as a fustration with EA's version of battlefront something I felt wasn't in touch with the fan's. (as a fan my self.)

So I set out to set the matter straight I thought to my self "how am I going to do this?" well its simple, I am not the only star wars fan out there, we can bring together an entire community and make something great, something all of us remember.

I'll be using this article to state some of my visions for the game, but I am not going to be one of 'those' people who believe that their vision is the one and the only, the game is up to everyones idea's we will add as much content as possible.

Some things I would like in the game would be:

  • Space to Ground Combat (STGC)
  • Fully Open Ships, if I land inside your ship I can go to its reactor core and blow it up, then I would need to get to an escape pod
  • Galatic Empire era, Clone Wars era, KOTR era?
  • Large Open ground battles
  • That nostalgic experience you get when thinking of battlefront two.
  • Simple class system such as BF2
  • A community of friends
  • Server Browser
  • Integrated Voice chat
  • Heaps of fun.

What are some things you'd like in the game?

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