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Diet of Anaxes is a private meeting held between members of the NI.

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The Diet of Anaxes

The Diet of Anaxes is an private meeting held on the capital world of Anaxes between the ruling monarchs of the Nexus Enclave and the Galactic Empire. This meeting is held every 21 days and is held to pass out various edicts that effect both individual nations. Following every Diet the seat of supreme monarch of the Nexus Imperium is passed on.

At maximum, only three edicts each may be proposed by the Nexus Enclave and the Galactic Empire for a total of six edicts that can be enacted Imperium-wide every 21 days. Both nations may veto any number of suggested edicts. In the event that all six or all proposed edicts are agreed upon and passed, the supreme monarch of the Nexus Imperium may pass a Legacy Act making an edict irreversible.

Current monarch: Immobile Warriors

Title of the Monarch

The full title of the supreme monarch of the Nexus Imperium is an altered, gender-appropriate version of the title previously held by Emperor Kairn prior to the Imperial Civil War. As such, it is deeply revered by the Galactic Empire.

Her Imperial and Royal Blessed Majesty,
By the Grace of the people,
Empress of Empresses of the Nexus Imperium,
Empress of the First Galactic Empire and the Nexus Enclave,
Blessed Empress of Koros Major,
Queen of Coruscant, of Anaxes, of Kuat, of Onderon, of Ruusan, of Fondor, and of Bastion,
Queen of Tion, and so forth,
Archduchess of Coruscant,
Grand Duchess of Alsakan and of Brentaal,
Duchess of Arkania, of Borleias, of Caamas, of Duro, of Ghorman and of the Neimodians,
Grand Princess of Thyferra,
Mandalore in Mandalore,
Duchess of Upper and Lower Ord Mantell, of Ansion, Mygeeto, Agamar and Borosk, of Ord Trasi and Ord Cantrell, of Ithor, Yinchorr, Hapes and Zeltros,
Princely Countess of Serenno and Toprawa, of Maridun, Iego and Ubrikkia,
Princess of Allanteen and Falleen,
Mandalore of Upper and Lower Roche and in Taris,
Countess of Zygerria, Gree, Kalee, Emperor, and so forth,
Lady of Kamino, of Rothana and of the Rishi Maze,
Grand Warlord of the State of Eshan, and so forth,
Sovereign of the Order of the Silver Cloak.

When signing legal documentation the gender neutral titles; 'supreme monarch of' and 'ruling monarch of' are used. In all other instances and for ceremonies where the full title is not applicable or appropriate; 'Emperor of Emperors' or 'Empress of Empresses' is used instead.

Edits Passed

1st Diet of Anaxes - 19th of October 2017

  • Shared Foreign Policy - The Nexus Enclave and the Galactic Empire form the dual-monarchy of the Nexus Imperium and are treated geopolitically as a singular entity; diplomacy is handled by the Imperium Diplomacy Corps.
  • United Treasury - The Nexus Enclave and the Galactic Empire contribute 25% of their annual income to an united treasury at the disposal of the supreme monarch of the Nexus Imperium.
  • Avalon-Anaxes - The moving city of Avalon is henceforth stationed over the throneworld of Anaxes to function as the capital city.
  • Advanced Shielding Research - Joint research programmes conducted into enhancing shielding technology to bridge the gap between the Nexus Imperium and the Galactic Republic
  • Restoration of the Crown - The increased privileges and autonomy of the Imperial Security Bureau and Admiralty are undone; full authority is returned to the Imperial monarch.
  • Joint Military Oversight Committee - To handle the organization of combined operations and decrease the chances of miscommunication between the militaries of the Nexus Enclave and the Galactic Empire; an organization made up of high-ranking officers from both nations is placed in command.
  • Legacy Act - None

2nd Diet of Anaxes - 26th of October 2017

  • Annexation of Ord Mantell - Be it by peaceful or aggressive methods, Ord Mantell will be incorporated into the Nexus Imperium's domain. If achieved via diplomacy, the Mantellians have the choice of deciding which individual nation to join. If achieved via conflict, the nation to invest the most forces will decide the matter of ownership.
  • Abregado-Rae Military Manoeuvrers - Joint military venture consisting of elements from the Nexus Enclave and Galactic Empire's military forces to test cooperation and the newly-established joint military oversight committee.
  • United Task Force - Based on the results from the Abregado-Rae manoeuvres; the establishment of a united task force consisting equally of both nations' troops and placed under direct command of the supreme monarch. Each nation contributes 5 warships initially.
  • Legacy Act - United Task Force

3rd Diet of Anaxes - 2nd of November 2017

  • United Ground Forces - If the total amount of warships part of the United Task Force exceeds 19, three legions will be drafted from national forces to be attached to the United Task Force and placed under the command of the Supreme Monarch.
  • Legacy Act - None

4th Diet of Anaxes - 9th of November 2017

  • None - None.
  • Legacy Act - None

5th Diet of Anaxes - 16th of November 2017

  • Diplomatic Negotiations - Delegates from the Nexus Imperium will negotiate with a foreign government.
  • Royal Imperium Starfleet Increased - Each nation contributes an additional 5 warships for a grand total of 10 warships supplied to the RIS by each nation.
  • Classified - Classified
  • Legacy Act - Royal Imperium Starfleet will maintain twenty warships only.

6th Diet of Anaxes - 23rd of November 2017

  • Diplomatic Negotiations - Delegates from the Nexus Imperium will negotiate with a foreign government.
  • Classified - Classified
  • Legacy Act - None

7th Diet of Anaxes - 30th of November 2017

  • Throneworld Beautification Project - The Nexus Imperium is the only galactic government with multiple fully functional capital worlds; Anaxes, Coruscant and Paladius. These worlds, as representations of the Nexus Imperium, must have fully developed infrastructure and leisure opportunities that are shared across all three. As such, Anaxes and Coruscant will install cross-planetary rocket tram networks to mimic that of Paladius and Paladius will establish several Imperium-style gardens, dedicated to victory and martial prowess. Statues of the late Enclave Emperor Mace Windu will be constructed on Anaxes and Coruscant. Herds of Imperial Iriaz will be provided by the Enclave to inhabit zoos and palaces on Anaxes and Coruscant
  • United Grand Force Re-equipped - Several volunteers from the United Ground Force (henceforth known as the Royal Imperium Legion), will be equipped with new equipment to test the viability of new arms warfare in mock battles against conventional forces. The equipment consists of specialized hand-held energy shields and blaster cannon lances.
  • Legacy Act - None

8th Diet of Anaxes - 7th of December 2017

  • None - None
  • Legacy Act - None

9th Diet of Anaxes - 14th of December 2017

  • House Starkroße-Windu - By combining the genetic traits of Empresses Freya Falkyria zi Starkroße and Rena Windu, a perfect clone infant(s) will be engineered to inherit the throne of the Nexus Imperium and form a dynasty. This (sole) heir will not rule alone, the dual monarchy with dual monarchs will be maintained.
  • Mutually Assured Rule - In the event that one of the monarchs of either the Nexus Enclave or the Galactic Empire is unable to fulfil their term as supreme monarch, another candidate of the royal family will fill the role temporarily or permanently as dependant on the situation. In the event that there isn't a royal family, another suitable candidate will be selected based on popular consensus and abilities. Ergo; Hoti to kratisto.
  • Legacy Act - Clone

10th Diet of Anaxes - 21st of December 2017

  • None - None
  • Legacy Act - None

11th Diet of Anaxes - 28th of December 2017

  • None - None
  • Legacy Act - None

12th Diet of Anaxes - 4th of January 2018

  • None - None
  • Legacy Act - None

13th Diet of Anaxes - 11th of January 2018

  • Stockpiles - In emergency scenarios and in severe cases of shortages or conflict, several stockpiles of food, shelter, droids, machinery, civilian vehicles, weaponry and military vehicles across all sectors on several different planets and space stations in various quantities and various degrees of accessibility. For example; military equipment will not be found among civilian equipment and vice versa. Select individuals and local leaders will be privy to details of these stockpiles and their locations. A total of ## warships will be kept in an disabled state, hidden beyond reach of pirates and other scum.
  • Legacy Act - None

14th Diet of Anaxes - 18th of January 2018

  • Artefact Archival Endeavour - Items related to any of the galaxy's Force-based cults will be sought out, processed and archived in a secure complex on Dantooine with a constant military detachment and direct, continuous security feed to the triple capitols. Specific artefacts may be collected by the Nexus Enclave's monarch once processed and archived.
  • Legacy Act - Artefact Archival Endeavour

15th Diet of Anaxes - 25th of January 2018

  • Aeten Stripmine - The sector of Ansion is home to the resource rich Aeten system including the rapidly dwindling Stygium crystals used in stealth craft and the construction of Force-based artefacts. Excess metals will be added to the stockpiles as outlined in the 13th Diet of Anaxes
  • Legacy Act - None

16th Diet of Anaxes - 1st of February 2018

  • None - None
  • Legacy Act - None

17th Diet of Anaxes - 8th of February 2018

  • None - None
  • Legacy Act - None

OOC Note: The Diets are held via PM every 7 days

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