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People of all characters are welcome, but I won't be happy if there is a large amount of people being rude. I hope everyone has fun, and enjoys being part of Desura!

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Please don't be rude! I hope everyone gets to enjoy the wonderful, and sometimes scary games Desura has. I love accents thus the name, and I am an american-japanese person. If you haven't heard of Pewdiepie, well how could you not, he's funny. And so is his friend Cryoatic Monki, or Cry, on Youtube. Check them out, they are beautiful people because they are funny.
(P.S. If I can, I will try and search for other funny people and recomend them to you! If you don't agree with me, that's okay. You are intitled to your own opinion, but I do know a lot of people really like those two and may be worth your time.)

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